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Impeachment Poll


Impeachment Poll  

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  1. 1. According to John Bolton, Trump refused to release military aid to Ukraine until Ukraine investigated Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Is this an impeachable offense?

  2. 2. Is the above serious enough for conviction and removal of the president?

  3. 3. Did you support the 2019-2020 impeachment efforts by Democrats?

  4. 4. Would you now support impeachment if impeachment efforts were relaunched?

  5. 5. John Bolton also stated that he, Sec. Pompeo, and Sec. Esper tried to get Trump to release the aid about 10 times and Trump refused. Do you trust John Bolton will be honest about Trump in his upcoming book?

    • I trust John Bolton
    • I trust Donald Trump
    • I do not trust either one of them, but I trust Bolton is probably right about Trump's impeachable offenses (Bolton will allude to several, supposedly)
    • I am very cautious about Bolton, but I lean towards trusting Bolton on this, considering it seems like something Trump would instinctively do.
    • Other.

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6 hours ago, Wiw said:

Got it! He'll frame him for electoral fraud! He'll bring a dodgy dossier to court and try to have the election voided.

That’s within the realm of possibility. 

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