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Toward A Top 100 Most Influential (Organizing the List Part 3))



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  1. 1. This time pick ONLY 5 who you think are the most INFLUENTIAL in world history, whether you like or dislike them and whether they were good or bad people.

    • Jesus
    • Bill Gates
    • Dwight D Eisenhower
    • George Washington
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Franklin D Roosevelt
    • Muhammad
    • Isaac Newton
    • Charles Darwin
    • William Shakespeare
    • Karl Marx
    • Albert Einstein
    • Moses
    • Tim Berners-Lee
    • Marco Polo
    • Otto von Bismarck
    • Hippocrates

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Jesus Central figure in Christianity and Jewish preacher; According to Biblical tradition, the virgin-born incarnate Son of God and Messiah who was crucified to atone the sins of the world, resurrected, ascended to Heaven and will return on judgment day. Inspired the world's largest major religion, which has impacted the world in both benevolent and tragic ways; Also a revered prophet in Islam; Ironically, Judaism is generally critical of Jesus.
Bill Gates Pioneer of the Microcomputer Revolution; Wealthiest person in the world for about a quarter of a century
Dwight D Eisenhower Supreme Allied Commander during World War II that saw the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Empire of Japan, and their allies; As president, established NASA.
George Washington first president of the United States, setting the precedents for the most powerful influential position in history. Presided over the Constitutional Convention, which created the oldest active constitution. Commanding general during the Revolutionary War.
Thomas Jefferson Primary author of the US Declaration of Independence; leader of one of the first two US political parties; co-wrote a resolution that led to secession down the road; 3rd president; presided during the Louisiana Purchase and the International Slave Trade Ban; democratized the presidency by ending European-style pomp and circumstance.
Franklin D Roosevelt Longest-serving US president presided during the Great Depression and World War II; Forever changed the fundamentals of US government via the New Deal and strong executive actions; played a huge role in planning post-War Europe, establish relations with the Middle East, worldwide decolonization, etc.
Muhammad the founder of Islam, which quickly spread throughout Arabia in his lifetime. As a political leader, he created the first Islamic state, and initiated the first Arab conquests. He was also the author of the Quran. Islam is currently the second largest religion. Like with Jesus and other religious founders, many false believers have carried out atrocities in the name of Muhammad’s religion.
Isaac Newton laid the foundation for classical mechanics, developed the field of optics and was one of the two independent inventors of calculus. He formulated the laws of motion and universal gravitation. He also built the first practical refracting telescope. Arguably the most important man of science to have ever existed.
Charles Darwin for his contributions to the theory of evolution. He came up with the concept of natural selection, that all species come from common ancestors; Fundamentally altered natural science and how we think of human beings and Biblical history; the Darwinin concept of survival of the fittest comes from him, which has led to several sociopolitical movements or policies.
William Shakespeare The most successful figure in world literature, and the primary figure in the development of the English language into a world language. He also wrote plays that have been translated, spread, and staged across the world, even to the present day. Probably the most well-known figure in literature, even after 400 years. Profound influence on all major writers since his death.
Karl Marx Arguably the most influential socio-economical-political theorist; Co-wrote the Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital; Saw Socialism as the antidote for the self-destructive internal tensions caused by capitalism; fundamentally altered politics and political parties worldwide with his emphasis on class conflicts.
Albert Einstein His theory of relativity is one of the pillars of modern Physics, which reconciled Newtonian Mechanics with the latest scientific discoveries; wrote the most famous equation; alerted FDR that Nazis were building an Atom bomb, and that US should make one first; pop culture icon whose surname is synonmous with "genius"
Moses Most important prophet in Judaism; according to Jewish tradition, he was the author of the Torah. Huge impact on other major religions, such as Christianity and Islam.
Tim Berners-Lee Invented the World Wide Web
Marco Polo First European to detail a chronicle of his travels to Central Asia and East Asia; inspired worldwide exploration and cartography
Otto von Bismarck Masterminded German unification, which laid the strong foundation for their military, economic, and demographic power for the later World Wars.
Hippocrates "Father of Medicine" developed medicine as an individual field of study; originator of the Hippocratic Oath, which is still recited by doctors today.
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3 minutes ago, pilight said:

I'm curious how you chose the order in which to list the candidates

Remember the posts last week where I asked for people to pick who belong in a top 100 list out of a list of 350 people? It was a 9 part poll. That decided who made the top 100 and the approximate order. This list are those that were the closest to unanimous, with Jesus, Gates, and Eisenhower being unanimous somehow.

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