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Electoral Seperatist Parties Post Independence


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@Hestia11, @jvikings1, @Edouard, and anyone with an interest in electoral separatist political parties.

I was wondering on a particular issue that's quite important to the development of political theory in my evolving 2048 hypothetical fictional future world and set of many election scenarios. The issue of electoral separatist parties (as opposed to Third World separatist parties that usually have rebel insurgent militias as their main vehicle of advancement), and the issue of that particular party actually being relevant, in and of itself, in the political scheme of the newly independent nation's political partisan framework. In my particular vision, California, Quebec, Hawaii, Scotland, the Basque Country, the Saami Territories, a big chunk of the Inuit Circumpolar Territories, and Catalonia have achieved their desired national independence, and, though not as separate units, the Cascadian, Western Canadian, and Alaskan independentist movements are very prominent and moving forces in the larger Western North American Federation, and the "Conservative Southern Dissatisfaction," and Texan Independence movements are big parts of the Christian States of America. Do you believe the original separatist and independentist parties and movements of today would continue as parties, in their own right, with similar names, logos, colours, and organization, or would dissolve, along with other political elements still present, into new political partisan schemes?

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