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Presidents By Most Puritanical to Least Puritanical

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  1. John Tyler (Most likely to stay consistent with his values even if doing so would destroy the world. Would have been worse than Buchanan if he were president in 1860).
  2. James Buchanan
  3. Calvin Coolidge
  4. Andrew Jackson
  5. Franklin Pierce
  6. Grover Cleveland
  7. James K Polk
  8. Ulysses S Grant (Was not very political for a president, but was strict to a sense of values of what the Civil War was about and stuck strictly to that)
  9. Andrew Johnson (Despite being the one notable Southerner to stck with the North, was extremely inflexible when he positioned himself as an anti-Radical Republican)
  10. James A Garfield 
  11. Woodrow Wilson
  12. Jimmy Carter (even more puritanical after presidency)
  13. Thomas Jefferson (mellowed out as president; would be up there with Coolidge in 1790s; still arguably the best Puritanical president)
  14. Martin Van Buren (mellowed out after presidency)
  15. Donald Trump (fairly puritanical to his advertised ideology; much more mellow decades ago)
  16. LBJ (there were two LBJs and he was relatively rigid in his two political lives)
  17. Ronald Reagan (more puritan in rhetoric than in action)
  18. Harry S Truman
  19. Zachary Taylor (no platform but was strict in his developing political opinions)
  20. Theodore Roosevelt (less so prior to presidency)
  21. Barack Obama
  22. Millard Fillmore 
  23. George W Bush (Marks the median between Puritan and Non-Puritan)
  24. Herbert Hoover
  25. John Quincy Adams (Much more Puritan post-presidency)
  26. Benjamin Harrison
  27. Gerald Ford
  28. George Washington
  29. William McKinley
  30. JFK (was more mellow prior to presidency)
  31. James Madison (Went from mellow 1780s-early 1790s, to very puritanical. The War of 1812 changed both him and Monroe)
  32. George HW Bush
  33. FDR (Was becoming less mellow with each reelection; had he been healthy enough to finish a 4th term, he'd shoot way up the list. He wanted to dump the Southern Conservatives from the Democratic Party, enact a 2nd Bill of Rights, create a new American Progressive Party)
  34. James Monroe (greatly mellowed as president; would be #1 or #2 on this list earlier in his career!)
  35. Richard Nixon (greatly mellowed as president)
  36. John Adams (Personally a Puritan, but was bipartisan and evolving. May have joined Jefferson's party as a moderate Jeffersonian or as an Independent, if he had won reelection and Hamilton had not been killed)
  37. Chester A Arthur
  38. Abraham Lincoln (He, like many great presidents, didn't squabble over little things, waiting to be ideologically picky when it mattered)
  39. Bill Clinton 
  40. William H Taft
  41. Dwight D Eisenhower (Best president of those that are the least puritanical)
  42. Warren G Harding
  43. William Henry Harrison (really had no platform and wanted his cabinet to make decisions)
  44. Rutherford B Hayes (less so prior to becoming president as was bound by the Compromise of 1877)
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