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Map Problems with First Major Scenario Project

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Hi, I've working on a hypothetical 2008 Russia presidential elections scenario, and have basically everything done with the exception of regional policy stances. However, I wasn't sure what to do with the map, so I just filled in parameters within the regular text files. However, the map is extremely messed up and I'm not sure what the problem is. If any scenario creation vets could help me out, I'd be extremely appreciative and we'd all also get a really cool Russia scenario. You can download the file here.



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First off the scenario is done very well (especially since this is your first scenario), except for the map. The problem appears to be that not all the regions are surrounded by a pure black line (some are surrounded by dark brown), which is why some of the lines are not showing up. To fix simply go around all the lines with black, it will be time consuming. I think there also may be a problem with the number of regions on the map, because if there is more than 70 the game won't run properly.

Hope this helps!

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