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Would it be possible to play as former starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling? Whenever there's a senate election in Massachusetts his name is brought up as a possible Republican candidate, and he even said he'd run in 2024, if Trump's re-elected.

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22 minutes ago, WVProgressive said:

Would it be possible to play as former starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Curt Schilling? Whenever there's a senate election in Massachusetts his name is brought up as a possible Republican candidate, and he even said he'd run in 2024, if Trump's re-elected.

Sure, you can play as Curt Shilling.

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1 minute ago, BeetleJuice said:

I would like to play as Marianne Williamson


43 minutes ago, Nentomat said:

I would like to play as Andrew Cuomo.

Both of you are added as players. 

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@BetOnBeto @Hestia11 @Reagan04 @Cenzonico @BeetleJuice @Nentomat @WVProgressive @TheLiberalKitten  @buenoboss @TheMiddlePolitical
I am now confident that we have enough people to start a functioning RP, and as such, we can begin. Each turn will last from 12 A.M -12 A.M Eastern Time, and the first turn will begin with this post's release. All candidates are allowed 2 events a turn, with endorsements being additional free events. Every candidate can request up to 1 major endorsement a day("Major" meaning Senators, well-known members of the Executive Branch, well-known members of the House, and any major celebrity), and 2 minor endorsements. The more effort you put in = higher polling and support, and I reserve the rights and powers I am granted as DM for this RP. Without any further delay, here we go.

The Backstory:
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 was a date that unexpectedly and ruthlessly brought America's political future into chaos. After months of enjoying a strong lead in the polls, a rallying of independents and disaffected voters around their campaign, and a constant barrage of attacks on the Trump 2020 campaign, the Biden/Duckworth ticket was thrown on Election Day into defeat. Sure, Trump had been gaining in the polls and had weakened Biden's lead to just that of 5.2%, but no one had expected his reelection. Those on the left blamed the moderate ideology of the Democratic ticket, while others blamed Kanye West's 3.2% of the vote, which theoretically handed Trump victory in several key states. Meanwhile, countless independents, disaffected voters, and young voters blamed the failures and corruption in the 2 party system, with many of them flowing to the increasingly moderate and political-reform based Libertarian Party. The LP, despite a weak performance of 0.7% on Election Day, would grow massively following the Election as party leaders abandoned the appeasement to radicals in the party which had kept Jorgenson/Cohen down, and embraced a moderate form of the LP's message, carrying forward a message now putting emphasis on fighting corruption in government, reforming American democracy through RCV, and on bi-partisan politics designed to bring everyone to the table. The LP would gain significantly thanks to these changes and would poll in double digits on a generic ballot. The LP would not be the only party to change significantly due to the 2020 Election. The Republican Party had one hope if they ever wanted to look at strong prospects in 2024. They needed Trump to lose. However, in a shock to many, including countless Republican leaders who had been making preparations for defeat, he won. The next 3 years would be dominated by a slew of scandals, obscene actions abroad, and outright dangerous actions at home. The Republican Party had been brought down to a tie in the Senate in 2020, giving them a practical majority through VP Pence, however in 2022 Democrats would come roaring in with victories in countless races for both the House and Senate, giving the Democrats a 56-42 majority in the Senate, and an even more prevalent and dominating majority in the House. Throughout this entire period, as key Republican leaders were continually scapegoated and attacked for the Party's electoral woes, Trump would only further gather control over Party leaders and voters, completing the transformation of the increasingly unpopular Party into an organization devoted to Trump's populism and agenda. Now, as the 2024 Election dawns, the Republicans are tanking in generic ballot polls, while only retaining some resemblance of a chance at victory thanks to the strength of the LP. As for the Democrats, the Party, though deeply divided ideologically, is currently sitting at one of the greatest opportunities for a landslide since, well, 2020. With their main opponents perhaps not being the Republican Party, no, but instead the strength the LP can show in gathering independents and disaffected voters behind its cause, splitting the vote. Major issues have developed since 2020 as well. As Trump's second term has only brought more chaos and corruption into government, one of the biggest issues on hand is transparency in government, with the discussion centering around corruption, Campaign Finance Laws, and reforms to American democracy such as Ranked Choice Voting. Another prevalent area is foreign policy. Trump's second term has only brought a further escalation of the trade war with China, with neither side backing down as both sides suffer weakening economies and condemnation from other nations for the economic conflict. Meanwhile, race relations have failed to improve as substantive and serious change in police policy and funding has not been seen on a nationwide scale, and more acts of brutality are seen. The economy, though recovering somewhat from COVID-19, has entered a state of stagnation, and unemployment has begun to take a rise across America as talk of automation and trade policy both beginning to take the stage. This is the 2024 Election. Let the games begin. 

 Polling Data: Democratic Field(All candidates listed are those who have made announcements inferring a soon-to-come-campaign launch or those who have formed an Exploratory Committee such as Joe Kennedy III) :

Governor Andrew Cuomo: 29%(With fame in both the Democratic establishment and among the Democratic base, Cuomo is currently the favorite among those candidates who are expected to declare soon.)  

Senator Joe Kennedy III:  16%(Succeeding in his Primary Challenge against Senator Ed Markey, Kennedy pulled off a quixotic and often shamed bid against the Senator. Now, he is off to possibly launch yet another quixotic bid, this time for the office of President.) 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: 6%(Despite her failed 2020 bid, Gillibrand now has more of an opportunity to make her mark, as a less crowded field has allowed for her staunchly liberal record in the Senate shine.) 

Marianne Williamson: 4%(Williamson, though still far in the back of the field, is for the time being gathering support as some potential Yang, Tulsi, and AOC supporters would rather throw their support behind the candidate, as opposed to waiting for their preferred candidate to enter.) 

Cenk Uyger: 2%(Gathering up support from his online following, Uyger is a staunch progressive who, if even one more progressive would make moves to enter the race, would be polling at 0%) 

Undecided: 44%(Countless progressives, and even some moderates, are still waiting to see what the current candidates can do, or who will enter the race next)

Polling Data: Libertarian Field Version 1: Polling Among Registered Party Members:  

Former Congressman Justin Amash: 62%(Amash is a hero among Libertarians for his stand for libertarianism and his rebellion against the Republican Party. He is a principled libertarian, yes, but he also represents some of the moderate and new ideas and principles in the Party as independents and former Republicans join, representing a compromise between the Weld-moderates and the more principled libertarians in the Party.) 

Former Governor Bill Weld: 29%(Weld is the best representation of the changing views and ideas of the LP, however, he falls prey to simply being too far removed from the Party's libertarian base, though he is the best-suited candidate to attract the countless independents and former Republicans now attracted to the Party.) 

Undecided: 9%

Polling Date: Libertarian Field Version 2: LNC Delegate Poll:

Justin Amash: 60% 

Bill Weld: 36% 

Undecided: 4%

Polling Data: Republican Field:  

Paul Ryan: 14%(Ryan, representing a moderate candidate as compared to the Trumpian ideology infecting the party, has little appeal outside of his moderate base, however, has taken an unsustainable lead in Republican polling thanks the currently unclear nature of the candidates and race, though Kanye West and Curt Shilling are likely to pass him.) 

Kanye West: 12%(With Democrats criticizing Kanye every day for spoiling the 2020 election, with Kanye attacking Trump rarely on the campaign trail, and with his 2020 message being one attracting more than a few conservatives, Kanye is a strong, controversial, and always surprising candidate in the race.) 

Curt Shilling: 7%(The former pitcher is now making a pitch to the American people. With his populist and harsh attitude and attacks on Democrats attracting a similar audience to the one that rallied around Trump, perhaps his campaign can hit a home run and win the primary.) 

Undecided: 67%  

General Election Polling(Generic Ballot):  

Democrats: 45%  

Republicans: 35%  

Libertarians: 11%  

Undecided: 9%

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Note, I made a typo on the post. It is meant to read "2 events a turn". I edited it, but I just want to make it clear for anyone who did not catch it. Along with that, one turn does equal one week, and we are starting on September 1st. Debates will start in early October to represent the lack of candidates meaning a less intensive need for a winnowing out process.

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3 minutes ago, Rodja said:

I'd like to join as AOC.

You can declare and start your events, and I'll throw you into the polling next polling session.

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27 minutes ago, MishFox said:

This might be kinda a weird one, but could I take Stephen Colbert?


If not I'll take Ralph Northam 

Northam it is.

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Curt Schilling announces Presidential Bid in Boston, Massachusetts

"As I've promised you many years ago, I am running to be the President of the greatest country on Earth, The United States of America! Our Country is under constant attack, both from foreign foes, like China, and North Korea, and from Fifth Columnists like the Socialists Democrats who want to destroy, and attack the very foundations of American society, and even Republicans, who continue to undermine, our Great and Beloved President Donald John Trump! I will protect, and defend the constitution, which has been abused, and trampled, by the Democrats, with their massive majorities passing bill after bill, contrary to the American people. I will bring back, Law and Order to our streets, which has been destroyed, by anticop rioters, and a total abdication of responsibility in this country.  I will crack down severely on disorder and nominate judges who will overturn atrocious decisions such as Miranda v. Arizona. I will revitalize our economy which is being strangled by the Socialist Welfare State policies of the Democratic Party. And Most importantly, I will protect, and expand upon the legacy of Our President, Donald Trump! Thank you all, and Vote Curt Schilling, For Order, and Peace!"

Curt Schilling barnstorms rural Texas giving this stump speech.

"Howdy, I'm Curt Schilling, and I'm running for president. One of the main reasons I'm running is the fact that the Democrats want to import over ten million illegal migrants a year. Democrats claim these criminals are only coming here to do jobs Americans don't want, but all these border hopping braceros ever do is lay around, collecting welfare, with their 12 kids, and ugly wives. When they do decide to get a job, it's always manual labor; Can Americans not pick our own crops, and build our own homes? Hell no, but Democrats still insist on importing the entire third world, for no other reason than to boost their voter base. Democrats know that actual Americans hate them, and don't want to turn America into a dirt poor Communist country, like Venezuela, or Cuba, so the only way they can get elected is to import voters from shithole countries like Guatemala, and El Salvador, and have dead people vote. If you want to fight back against the Leftist takeover of America, vote for me."

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