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Biden Crushing Trump in Battleground States


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In the latest polls, Biden is crushing Trump well beyond that margin of error in some key battleground states:

  • Fox News poll has Biden +8 in PA.
  • Fox News poll has Biden +8 in MI. 
  • Quinnipiac poll has Biden +4 in FL
  • Ipsos poll has Biden +3 in WI
  • Ipsos poll has Biden +6 in PA
  • Ipsos poll has Biden +8 in MI. 

This is all from today. This suggests that the battleground states likely have an unfavorable view of Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis, an innate preference for Biden or both. One should not discount the regret-a-Trump voters burned out by the novelty of Trump. It's hard not to see Trump as the underdog in this election. 

In addition to this, Trump's favorables and unfavorables have sunk back down to their usual meager norm. 

This is all surprising considering Biden has been invisible. The only weak spot for Biden in these recent polls is that while the youth vote is anti-Trump on the whole, they are also the one voting Demographic among Democrats that have an unfavroable view of Biden. 

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2 hours ago, jdm06ltd said:

Fake news fake news

"Buzzword Catchphrase." Use real terminology and talk like someone whose views on these matters sound educated, qualified, and respectable. People who spam buzzwords and catchphrases when trying to discuss socio-political matters seriously lose a lot of credential and legitimacy from their viewpoint, except from the most vapid and sensationalist of audiences.

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