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North Carolina Senatorial 2020

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41 minutes ago, mahlerman2000 said:

Hey guys, I have made a new scenario finally. North Carolina's Senate race between Cal Cunningham (D) and Thom Tillis (R) is a barn-burner and should be a blast to play for either side. If you all have suggestions for what my next scenario should be, please let me know. 



As I have said, I would be more interested in all Senate races in a given year in one CI scenario that individual State-by-State PI races, as the whole yearly situation gives far more of a broader context, as well as seeing the potential change or retention of Senate control. But that's just my personal preference, and, of course, Gubernatorial scenarios are viewed by me completely differently, given the given nature of the office in question.

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7 hours ago, mahlerman2000 said:

@Patine I don't know CI very well, but one of my goals is to do a 2010 House prediction. As for my future PI scenarios, I think that I'll do either Mississippi or Louisiana first.

How about a State that tends to actually have a good contested and close race for Governor, like Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, New Mexico, or Ohio, not such lopsided choices in actual results. That would be my suggestion.

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1 minute ago, mahlerman2000 said:

Louisiana 2019 and Mississippi 2018 were both within single digits right? I do want to do a Wisconsin scenario soon definitely though.

I had thought only the Mississippi Senatorial race was within single digits, not the Gubernatorial one, and only because the GOP nominated an alleged sex offender. I could be mistaken.

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No, that's Alabama 2017, where Roy Moore (R) blew an easy victory to lose to Doug Jones (D) 50-48

MS-Sen 2018 was between Cindy Hyde Smith (R), the appointed Ag-Comm turned Senator and Mike Espy (D) and she won only 53-47 after making racist comments.

MS-Gov 2019 was virtually the same margin with Hood (D) and Reeves (R), and that was 52-46 I think.

LA-Gov 2019 was 51-48 Edwards in the runoff.

Hope this helps. Obviously I wouldn't make a race for Idaho, that's no fun. But these edge-of-competitiveness races are good challenges, as in playing my TN-Sen scenario as Bredesen for example


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