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House of Cards 2016 presidential election

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Conway,Claire,Donald Blythe,Raymond Tusk,Garret Walker,Peter Russo(if he survived),Mark Usher,the VP guy Frank pushed out,that guy that who got to be SoS instead of Frank,guy who is a speaker or somewhat i think his name is Birch or something

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@Rodja thanks !

All chars have been implemented

 I am working on % and events (a lot of events have to be implemented if you watched the seasons)

The first test brings satisfaction, I have to rebalance some things


United States presidential election, 2016 | House of Cards Wiki ...

Popular vote Conway 51%

Underwood 49%

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Mod released


House of Cards.zip

After a controversial mandate and the failing of passing America Works through Congress, President Frank Underwood tries to use America Works as an election motto. The Republicans are favorized to win the Presidential election with Conway as frontrunner and governor of New York, can Pres Underwood wins the Democratic primary against Dunbar, Sharp, or Durant? And who will face him in the general election?

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On 4/23/2020 at 6:46 AM, Zenobiyl said:

Is it possible to delay some states in the general? It would be cool to have 2 states have late elections like in the show.

Yes it is possible !

It takes to fix it in "regions" part of the mod in campaign editor.

I did some tries in order to put Ohio and Tennessee after midnight but it didn't work yet.

If I fix it I will do a version for you :) 

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