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Endorser Positions and Interviewer Timelines


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Hello, I'm working on a 1980 campaign based on the built-in campaign; but expanded the number of interviewers and endorsers (basically in the latter, adding all the members of Congress from a given state; Governors and the first in line to succeed them if there's no Lieutenant Governor and adding many of the newspapers in a particular state). I have two questions pertaining to interviewers and endorsers

1. In the case of interviewers, is it possible to set a start and end date for interviewers? (E.g.: One of the built-in endorsers was ABC's "The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage"; which began four days after the hostage crisis began before eventually being retooled into the present "Nightline" in April 1980. When I did a test run; the game would have "America Held Hostage" appear as an interviewer both before the hostage crisis began and also after the period where it became "Nightline" {which also appeared before its debut in the game})

2. The other question has to do with endorsers and whether it's possible to have a candidate shown as holding a position on one issue without having to change their positions on other issues. For example: Massachusetts 10th District Congresswoman Margaret Heckler in this scenario. Heckler was one of the increasingly rare at that point "Rockefeller Republicans" who took more liberal stands on a number of issues (such as co-sponsoring the Equal Rights Amendment); though unlike many Rockefeller Republicans she took a pro-life position on abortion. When I clear the "position is general, not a specific issue" box and select "Center-Left" for the Equal Rights Amendment issue, her position in the abortion issue is moved to "Center-Left" as well.

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