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2008 images

Oil Baron

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I like how just about EVERYONE who made a 2008 scenario stole my 2008 logo that I made for my now ANCIENT 2008nb scenario. How flattering.

It is not even that good, would someone make a better one so that I can steal it?

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wasn't me :)

i don't do "logos" anymore, once I discovered I can post a 272x112bmp there instead - jazzes up the whole thing

i've spent a lot of time hunting up those photos, tryin to think of what is appropriate

1912 1.15.5 is my best. the photo of the covered wagon and the model-T going in opposite directions, and it was actually taken in 1912!

the shot of the Mall of America in The Color of Money I liked too

the Willie Horton ad in 1988

the nuke in 1960

(since I'm elabotating)

the Watergate Hotel - 1972

a Bicentennital parage baton girl - 1976

the iran hostages - 1980

butterflies - 2000 (hahaha)

the 1948 pix of the GI and the german girl!

i likes pix, screw logos

logos is dullsville

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Welcome back, Oil Baron!

Thanks Kerry Edwards for President! I am sure we can get along better now that the election is over ;)

I thought I would see if the this place was still alive :)

I am a bit dissapointed that the blasted update for p4e has not been released yet. I am anxious to play it.

I would like to add that I like your logos as well johnny_raoul.

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