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The Broken Convention (If you thought Iowa was bad....)

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After Winning the first 4 states, Amy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden for a VP slot the day before Super Tuesday. Pete Buttigieg, however, won an upset victory by flipping key states from the Biden coalition. Despite receiving the endorsement of Klobuchar, and Bloomberg, Biden continued to stagnate with around 1600 delegates. Pete grew his delegate count week after week, but never got enough to gain a direct majority. At the national convention, many waited with suspense for the results. Buttigieg had a 7% lead over Biden in the popular vote, but Biden had the delegates of Klobuchar and Bloomberg on his side. It soon became apparent that in terms of delegates Buttigieg and Biden were practically tied around 2000 each, with the three neutral candidates being Marianne Williamson with 144 delegates, Bernie Sanders with 364 delegates, and Elizabeth Warren with 283 delegates. Buttigieg continued campaigning, being utterly confident that the party wouldn’t turn it’s back on the man who won an outright plurality of votes. Biden, however, met in secret with Bernie and made major concessions to his platform. Despite the bad press when the meeting was leaked, Biden and Bernie went ahead with their plot to subvert the convention. However, on the day of the convention Marianne gave her delegates to Elizabeth Warren. With Marianne’s delegates, Warren now had the power to swing the vote. Seeing this, and not wishing to split the progressive bloc, Sanders gave his delegates to Warren. Many expected Warren to nominate Buttigieg, but she shocked the nation by handing the nomination to Joe Biden. Many claim it was due to his concessions, but many more cried foul. Such blatant injustice left Biden in a precarious position. For the second time in American history, the Democratic Party had a candidate the people didn’t vote for. Happy election season!


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UPDATE: Biden ended up losing to Trump in a Neck and Neck race. It came down to the states of Colorado and Minnesota, which Trump won by less than 0.5% margins. Trump got 282 electoral votes, and the Supreme Court sided with Trump against doing additional recounts in either states. (There was a mandatory recount, but it eventually went to the courts similar to 2000). Surprisingly, Trump managed to win the popular vote this time despite winning less electoral votes than in 2016. Many believe this was due to the convention destroying Biden’s legitimacy as a nominee. As for Trump, his next four years have just begun.

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Think of what a contested convention would have done to Biden’s chances IRL. I have complete confidence he would have been the eventual nominee anyway but it would have handed the election to Trump on a silver platter. 

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