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Biden's VP  

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  1. 1. Who would be most helpful VP candidate for Joe Biden in regards to defeating Trump?

    • Stacey Abrams [Pros: Relatively young and charismatic African-American woman from GA; Cons: very limited experience, ideologically similar to Biden, should run for Gov again]
    • Elizabeth Warren [Pros: Strong debater, policy-oriented, Progressive; Cons: From MA, might excite opposition, won't excite minority voters, more helpful in Senate]
    • Susan Rice [Pros: policy-oriented African-American; Cons: Little name recognition, strong in areas Biden is already strong in; ideologically similar to Biden]
    • Laura Kelly [Pros: Governor of KS, could win some rural voters; Cons: won't excite Democratic base, 70-years old, more helpful in KS]
    • Gretchen Whitmer [Pros: Gov of MI, relatively young; Cons: may be too ideologically similar to Biden; won't excite base or minority voters.]
    • Val Demings [Pros: African-American US Rep from Florida, impeachment manager; Cons: No name recognition and might excite opposition.]
    • Michelle Lujan Grischam [Pros: Latina Gov of NM and Healthcare expert; Cons: Just became governor, won't excite base or African-Americans]
    • Catherine Cortez Masto [Pros: Latina Sen of NV; Cons: May be too ideologically similar to Biden; more helpful staying in NV; won't excite African-American voters]
    • Tammy Duckworth: [Pros: Asian, disabled war veteran with the rank of Lt. Col.; Cons: Sen of IL, which won't be that helpful for the map]
    • Tammy Baldwin: [Pros: Openly LGBT Sen of WI; Cons: May need to stay in WI; could excite the opposition and turn away anti-LGBT Democrats]
    • Amy Klobuchar: [Pros: Sen of MN; Can be strong debater; Cons: May be too ideologically similar to Biden; could upset Sanders supporters; may be stronger in Senate]
    • Kamala Harris: [Pros: African-American and Asian Senator; Strong Debater; Cons: Could upset Sanders supporters; a VP from CA might not be helpful for election.]
    • If Pete Buttigieg or Bernie Sanders transgendered themself
    • Hillary Clinton: [Pros: Might excite some just for the sake of having Clinton beat Trump; Cons: Might be the worst pick imaginable.]
    • Maggie Hassan or Jeanne Shaheen: [Pros: Would help keep NH; Cons: Won't excite the base or minority voters]
    • Sally Yates: [Pros: From Georgia and might excite some of the base; Cons: People might have forgotten who she is; might excite opposition]
    • Michelle Obama: [Pros: She's Michelle Obama; Cons: Limited experience, and she might excite opposition]
    • Tulsi Gabbard: [Pros: Young, Veteran, might excite Sanders supporters; Cons: Vastly unpopular among Democrats
    • Nina Turner: [Pros: African-American leader in Sanders's wing of the party; from OH; Cons: Limited experience and little name recognition.]
    • Other woman VP

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4 minutes ago, servo75 said:

Poor sentence structure on my part, I didn't mean to say Stacey herself was a Socialist. And given Joe probably being on death's door, and as unlikely as his win is, the last thing we need is a Socialist President. Plus, no one votes for the VP (but they may vote against one, as in 2008).

Still, the woman is WHACK! She STILL THINKS SHE'S GOVERNOR OF GEORGIA, for Pete's sake. Of course when a Democrat loses, it "must" be one of the tired old excuses of "voter suppression," or it's the fault of the cis-gender white male patriarchy or some shit like that. Hell, we'd be invaded and taken over by China in the first month and she'd still be insisting we won. Maybe by modern standards she is a moderate Democrat but that only shows how far off the reservation the Dems have sunk. Still any VP pick that scares away the Bernie Bros and adds to Trump's landslide is ok by me :)

Personally, I can't see Donald Trump, given his personality and past history, accepting defeat gracefully without a big screed and thousand-directional accusational rant, and demanding his most loyal followers be ready to make obliquely-termed and seemingly intimating of violence of hooliganism on his behalf (the last of those of which he did near election night as a "stand-by," if he were to lose), I fail to see the recent practice of never gracefully accepting defeat as a solely Democratic sin. Also, since the nominations have already been made by the two parties that collectively, corruptly, and illegally rig and control the electoral system, and their both just horrid monsters, like with 1852, 1920, 1968, 2004, and 2016, the election is already lost and cheated for any hopes of good, or even decent leader, with any integrity, any platform that will be of help and not just further harm, and who will not engage in one kind of toxic governance or another.

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