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After spending close to a billion dollars during his campaign with only a victory in American Samoa to show for all that ad time, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg decides to throw in the towel and support Joe Biden

Michael Bloomberg suspends presidential campaign (from ABC News)

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Well, that was an interesting little chapter in American politics. Not too sad to see it's over, though.

Did anybody else see that video that his campaign made of one of Trump's press conferences, with a dancing gingerbread man while every word is overdubbed as, "Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, unfair, lie, lie, lie-lie, lie..."? It was funny, but it literally went on like that for two and a half minutes.

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Shows how little money on its own matters. The real currencies of elections are authenticity, charisma, vision, integrity, ... To Democratic primary voters, Bloomberg had none of those.

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