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Demographics, Cities And Exit Polls

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I realize it would be unrealistic for an update but for the next version, these things would REALLY help out the game alot. It would add alot of replay value if you could should which groups you could pander, the game has some of that implemented but it would certainly add complexity if moves good for one group could lose you another group. And the ability to decide between targeting urban areas or rural and suburban type populations would also add alot of depth to the game. And at the end of the game it would be great to have some exit polls to show how well you did on certain issues. I realize that all of these changes would be alot of work, but if they're up to it, it would ceratinly be a huge change for the better.

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Listen, if you need a recount to win, you haven't won by a large enough margin.  That's my philosophy.  I'd perfer to never see a recount in any updates to President Forever.

I agree. We can count on the program to count the votes accurately the first time. There are dozens of features I would love to see added but this is not one of them! <_<

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