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September 2020 (100 sided Die)

Trump - 53

Warren - 30

Kelton - 35

Jorgenson - 38

The month of September consisted of steady growth for the Trump campaign. It gained ground among many undecideds for the steady growth of the economy. Meanwhile, the Warren message doesn't seem to be resonating. Most Americans are entirely content with their growing retirements and lowered taxes. The country seems to be going in the right direction. Stephanie Kelton remains largely unknown, a perennial nip at Warren's heel.

October 1st, 2020 Polls

Donald Trump - 48%

Elizabeth Warren - 43%

Stephanie Kelton 6%

Jo Jorgenson 3%

October 2020 (100 sided Die)

Trump - 57

Warren - 59

Kelton - 88

Jorgenson - 51

October was a month full of changes. Trump and Warren debated to a draw at the three debates whilst Pence and McAuliffe resorted to jabs at each other's time in Indiana and Virginia respectively. As Warren went on the debates she seemed to moderate her tone significantly. It did not help as McAuliffe seemed to disavow entirely the idea of Medicare for All and promise that a Warren administration would neither cancel all debt nor Abolish ICE. This gave Stephanie Kelton the oxygen she needed to break through and while Warren made back important ground with moderates, her left flank is bleeding.

November 1st, 2020 Polls

Donald Trump - 46%

Elizabeth Warren - 42%

Stephanie Kelton - 9%

Jo Jorgenson - 2%

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November 3rd, 2020 Popular Vote: 54% Turnout - 139,562,069 votes Donald Trump - 65,636,041 votes (47.03%) Elizabeth Warren - 63,584,479 votes (45.56%) Stephanie Kelton - 8,206

It’s clear Beto would have won 👀😆  

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November 3rd, 2020

Popular Vote:

54% Turnout - 139,562,069 votes

Donald Trump - 65,636,041 votes (47.03%)

Elizabeth Warren - 63,584,479 votes (45.56%)

Stephanie Kelton - 8,206,250 votes(5.88%)

Jo Jorgenson - 1,577,051 votes (1.13%)

Others - 558,248 votes (0.40%)

Electoral College:

Donald Trump - 323 Electoral Votes

Elizabeth Warren - 215 Electoral votes


It would ultimately be Warren's weakness among blue collar workers during a period of strong economic growth as well as Kelton's cradle-snatching in the form of weakening Warren's base among progressive college-educated whites that would be her undoing. Trump was able to capitalize on his 2016 and score incredibly tight victories in New Hampshire and Virginia, largely because of large support for Kelton among the college-educated voters heavily present in those states. Minnesota remained hesitantly blue, much to the ire of President Trump who held 5 rallies in the state the week before the election.

Donald Trump re-elected President of the United States 323-215.

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The fact that a rather unknown(In mainstream circles) economist promoting a heterodox economic theory and a 90 year old former Senator from Alaska captured over 5% of the vote is beautiful.

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