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State of the Democratic Race Post-Small State Tuesday

34,890,766 votes - 2,794 delegates allocated (71.5% of pledged delegates) - 1,953 to win

Beto O'Rourke - 9,372,282 votes (26.86%) 880 delegates

Elizabeth Warren - 9,829,218 votes (28.17%%) 854 delegates

Terry McAuliffe (suspended) - 5,808,930 votes (16.65%) 560 delegates

Mike Gravel - 5,015,019 votes (14.37%) 283 delegates

Bernie Sanders (suspended) - 4,471,138 votes (12.81%) 214 delegates

Andrew Yang (suspended) - 81,487 votes (0.23%) 10 delegates



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November 3rd, 2020 Popular Vote: 54% Turnout - 139,562,069 votes Donald Trump - 65,636,041 votes (47.03%) Elizabeth Warren - 63,584,479 votes (45.56%) Stephanie Kelton - 8,206

It’s clear Beto would have won 👀😆  

Posted Images

Schedule for Rest of Primaries

4/19 - 4/10/20 Campaign Day

4/20 - 4/17/20 Campaign Day

4/21 - 4/24/20 Campaign Day

4/22 - 4/27/20 Super 4sday (ACELA Primary) Freeze

4/23 - 4/28/20 Super 4sday/ACELA Primary (MD, DE, PA, NY, CT, RI) Results

4/24 - 5/1/20 Campaign Day

4/25 - 5/4/20 Campaign Day Freeze

4/26 - 5/5/20 Small State 2sday Results (GU, KS, IN) 

4/27 - 5/8/20 Campaign Day

4/28 - 5/11/20 Campaign Day Freeze

4/29 - 5/12/20 Small State 3sday Results (WV, NE)

4/30 - 5/15/20 Campaign Day

5/1 - 5/18/20 Campaign Day Freeze

5/2 - 5/19/20 Small State 4sday Results (KY, OR)

5/3 - 5/22/20 Campaign Day

5/4 - 5/29/20 Campaign Day

5/5 - 6/1/20 Campaign Day Freeze

5/6 - 6/2/20 Super 5sday Results (NJ, DC, SD, MT, NM, USVI)

Information on Convention to come later

@Hestia11 @BetOnBeto @Cenzonico

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Beto O’Rourke visits New York City, holding a massive rally on the topic of legalizing marijuana. 
“Hello New York! I’m here to talk about a very important issue, and that’s legalizing marijuana. Marijuana is something we should have legalized a long time ago, the federal government needs to adapt to changing times. We now know much more about marijuana. There are tons of drugs already legal, already in the market, that are far less safe than marijuana. Alcohol, tobacco, far more dangerous, more deadly, yet we accept them over marijuana as a society, we let them be legal. did you know that not a single person has every died of a marijuana overdose. No matter how much a person consumes, no matter the amount, they don’t die whereas drinking too much, well we all know what that can lead to. And marijuana also has such a low risk of abuse, unbelievably low. That’s why I’m going to legalize marijuana as president, and here’s my plan. We’re going to legalize it across the country, and we’re going to scrap, to grant clemency to marijuana possession sentences. This war on drugs, it caused so much injustice to our minority communities. It’s time we end the racial profiling, the mass incarceration, and you know where that starts, it starts by making marijuana legal”

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Beto O’Rourke meets with voters in Philadelphia, PA, after holding a rally talking about how he will empower small businesses.

”You know, I’ve talked a lot about empowering small businesses, about giving them access to capital, how by helping small businesses we are creating jobs, but there’s another aspect of small businesses that I need to address, another story. That additional story is my plan to help out women and minority owned small businesses. My plan will create 200’000 small businesses across America that will be run by women, or minorities, to create for a just and equal business world where anyone can get the opportunities they deserve.”

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Beto O’Rourke holds a rally in Baltimore, MD, talking about important it is to beat President Trump. 
“You know, Senator Warren and I have been going back and forth on the intricacies of our plans, but do you know what? We’ve been arguing about small things compared to the policies of President Trump, and I think we’re forgetting about what’s important, and that’s beating President Trump. You know what, nothing matters, no policies, no plans, if we don’t win the general election. That’s the sad truth, but it’s why you should elect me. I can win over swing states, I can rally the new wave of Democratic voters, like I did in Texas. I can bring together Democrats, independents, I can even bring republicans dissatisfied with trump into our coalition. From the start, my Craig’s was built to do that kind of stuff, we will unite America, and take a stand against Tpesidnet Trump”

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4/10/20 Polls

All the candidates have walked away from Small State Tuesday with something to show from it. With Warren winning the largest prize of the night in Wisconsin, completing her narrative collection of the Upper Midwest and Beto O'Rourke making up for a loss in Georgia by rounding out the South with a win in Louisiana, no candidate has taken a decisive lead. O'Rourke held onto the state of Wyoming, widening his prospects in the Great Plains states, most of which have yet to vote and Mike Gravel picked up his first 2 states in Alaska and Hawaii, giving his eclectic campaign some juice to continue riding on the farthest left instincts of the democratic party. We now have a long stretch until April 28th where most of the Northeast will vote and the majority of remaining delegates will be allocated. More analysis of each state's contest will come in the weeks as we get close to April's largest prize.

National (D)

Warren 37%

O'Rourke 33%

Gravel 20%

Rhode Island (D)

Warren 38%

Gravel 29%

O'Rourke 17%

Connecticut (D)

Warren 39%

O'Rourke 24%

Gravel 23%

New York (D)

Warren 35%

O'Rourke 31%

Gravel 26%

Pennsylvania (D)

Warren 34%

O'Rourke 32%

Gravel 21%

Maryland (D)

Warren 36%

O'Rourke 36%

Gravel 15%

Delaware (D)

O'Rourke 36%

Warren 30%

Gravel 22%

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Elizabeth Warren campaigns in the Bronx, New York, in the days leading up to the state's primary. She visits the area with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"The thing is that we need someone that will get this nation back to work, and make change for the better." Sanders says in the comments leading up to Warren speaking. "I believe that person is Elizabeth Warren. No more infighting. No more name-calling. Just work. Plain and simple. Senator Warren will get that done."

Warren then takes to the stage and thanks Sanders for his support in the primary. "We need to take big, bold action to make this thing work." She tells the crowd. "Just look at what we're up against. He's taken radical action on anything from health care to immigration to the courts. We need a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House, and a Democratic President to wash this away. Look, I wasn't out there in 2018 giving a wink and a nod to my Republican colleagues here in Massachusetts just because we might be friends. I campaigned on behalf of their Democratic challengers. Gina Ortiz Jones ran for a House seat down in Texas, and the O'Rourke campaign refused to support her against her Republican opponent. She came within 926 votes of being that representative. I am fine with being friends with Republicans and working with them. There's a time and a place for that. But we also need to support our down ballot ticket and our wonderful Senate and House candidates. That's what you'd get with me at the top of the ticket. That's what unity and leadership looks like. We need Democrats in the House and Senate to make our country work again. That starts at the top."

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Elizabeth Warren visits Pittsburgh, along with a cadre of Midwest supporters - Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Gov. Tony Evers of Wisconsin, Gov. Pritzker of Illinois, Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack, and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. She hopes to put a show of force in the state where she hopes she make a sweep of the Industrial heartland.

"Hello Pittsburgh!" Warren smiles at the crowd. "It's wonderful to be back in this city." She says. "As you can see, we've got some company." She gestured to those that traveled with her. "Some of the finest men and women to represent the states near here, and states that are key to our success in November. Pennsylvania is another one of those. Sen. Baldwin and Gov. Evers have found keys to success in Wisconsin. Gov. Pritzker has done the same in Illinois. First Lady Vilsack watched her husband's successful campaigns in Iowa. Sen. Brown has been able to steer a right-leaning state in his direction. I promise you that I will listen to all of them and to important voices from Pennsylvania as well to get this done. Because, let's face it, the Democrats aren't just a one-person party. We have a talented team of legislators and people out there that are ready to pick up on day one. A lot of our mistakes in 2016 stem from a lack of listening. I tell you - I will listen to you, Pennsylvania. That's how we win!" 

The group of legislators and governors go to talk with members of the crowd afterwards while Sen. Warren does her selfie line. 

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Elizabeth Warren visits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for another rally inside the state. She talks about what she's doing to ensure manufacturing jobs aren't swallowed up in the chaos that is currently happening in the Trump administration.

"We need to protect these jobs here. That's why I am proposing taxes for companies that are leaving America. That money will go directly towards the workers that can pay for job training to go into another job if they so choose. They will also be receiving pay for those months. If they think they can leave our workers behind, they've got another thing coming," Warren says to the crowd. "It's not even about jobs at that point. It's about dignity. These companies think they can leave their workers destitute and poor after they've used them to their benefit. That's what's wrong with big corporations right now. They think they can do whatever they want. If that means moving a factory to Mexico to make a quick buck, then they'll do it. Manufacturers are key in our fight against climate change as well. I've done the most out of any candidate to strike the balance between climate and manufacturing, and I think I've done a pretty good job of it. They will be held to environmental standards, and if they do not meet those standards they will be placed under a federal watch list. I do not see this as going to be a huge issue, as a large part of the fight against climate change needs to be pressure from the government towards other nations. Countries like China and India who get away with pouring pollutants into the air because they are "developing nations". You can't choose when to be a part of this planet and when not to be. That's why we're going to have accountability and holding these countries feet to the fire to make sure it happens."

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32 minutes ago, Cenzonico said:

(Just to let you all know, due to issues with mental health I'm not sure if I can keep up with this roleplay. I'll see what happens.)

(I wish you the best. I think a group messaging thread between us all would be a good idea)

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1 hour ago, Hestia11 said:

(I wish you the best. I think a group messaging thread between us all would be a good idea)

(Its fine, I'm just monitering myself. If anything gets worst I'll let you all know.)

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1. Beto O’Rourke holds a rally in Annapolis, MD, to talk about imposing taxes on mega corporations.

2. Beto O’Rourke holds a rally in Harrisburg, PA, to talk about how he will get bipartisan support on all his bills, unlike many of Sen. Warren’s bills

3. Beto holds a rally in Brooklyn, NY, taking about investing in public transport


1. Beto travels to Scranton, to talk to voters about how he will bring back manufacturing jobs

2. Beto O’Rourke travels to Frederick, MD, to talk about criminal justice reform

3. Beto campaigns in Manhattan, promising to invest in sustainable housing,


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1. Elizabeth Warren rallies in NYC to talk about health care and how to expand coverage, touting her wealth tax as part of that

2. Warren speaks with voters in Hartford, CT, about her plan to address climate change and it's effects on the planet

3. Elizabeth Warren holds an event in Philadelphia, attacking Beto's gun plans as unrealistic and electoral suicide


1. Elizabeth Warren visits the site of the Battle of Gettysburg, talking about the need to unify the country and that we cannot be as divisive as we are today, saying that she will bring back unity to the nation

2. Elizabeth Warren tours several restaurants in downtown Annapolis, Maryland, chatting with voters about various topics that they would like to discuss.

3. Elizabeth Warren visits several farms in upstate New York to talk about her plan for agriculture and trade.

Free Events

1. Warren rallies in Baltimore with former Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who she spoke of highly earlier in the week. Mikulski says how Warren is a fighter and how she will get things done for the country.

2. Warren visits Albany, New York, for a big endorsement. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a relative moderate, endorses Elizabeth Warren. He touts her ability to unify the party as well as the nation.

3. Elizabeth Warren receives an endorsement in Harrisburg, PA from Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, stating that she thinks Warren is the best woman to keep her district blue.

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1. Beto O’Rourke holds a rally in Baltimore alongside Mayor Jack Young, talking about his criminal justice reform plans.

2. Beto O’Rourke goes on a road trip across suburban and rural New York, meeting voters

He finishes the road trip in Albany, where he receives the endorsement of the mayor, Byron Brown, who calls him “the warrior, the leader we need” .

3. Beto O’Rourke holds a rally in Philadelphia, talking about small businesses.

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. endorses Beto O’Rourke

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1. Warren campaigns in the Bronx with Sen. Gillibrand, an early supporter, and Gov. Cuomo, highlighting her unity pitch.

2. Warren visits Providence, RI and speaks to voters about climate change and trade.

3. Warren visits Pittsburgh with Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown about trade and the auto industry in a 21st century economy.

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2 minutes ago, Hestia11 said:

Was it? @Reagan04

Yes it was, I'll do results tonight and judging by the conversations I saw in the discord I'll abridge the schedule.

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1 minute ago, Reagan04 said:

Yes it was, I'll do results tonight and judging by the conversations I saw in the discord I'll abridge the schedule.

That's okay. Just wanted to make sure whether or not to do my turn

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Delaware Democratic Primary Results

146,932 votes

Beto O'Rourke - 68,970 votes (46.94%) 12 delegates

Elizabeth Warren - 52,543 votes (35.76%) 9 delegates

Mike Gravel - 23,950 votes (16.30%) 5 delegates


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Rhode Island Democratic Primary Results

224,571 votes

Elizabeth Warren - 113,004 votes (50.32%) 11 delegates

Mike Gravel - 56,165 votes (25.01%) 5 delegates

Beto O'Rourke - 55,379 votes (24.66%) 5 delegates


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Connecticut Democratic Primary Results

499,345 votes

Elizabeth Warren - 200,887 votes (40.23%) 20 delegates

Beto O'Rourke - 171,974 votes (34.44%) 17 delegates

Mike Gravel  - 126,484 votes (25.33%) 12 delegates


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Maryland Democratic Primary Results

1,374,927 votes

Beto O'Rourke - 613,905 votes (44.65%) 35 delegates

Elizabeth Warren - 453,038 votes (32.95%) 26 delegates

Mike Gravel - 307,984 votes (22.40%) 18 delegates


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