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The Beto O'Rourke campaign announces it finally has its act together after slipping in the polls across the nation following much of the moderate vote to shift over to Governor Mcauliffe. The campaign announced it was focusing heavily on California and Texas, hoping big results in both states is exactly what Beto needs to revive his path to the nomination. Beto spends the next few days almost exclusively campaigning in those two states, leaving the rallies and campaign events in other states to his surrogates. The O'Rourke campaign releases massive ad campaigns in California and Texas. The ad campaign in California, which is featured in Facebook ads and on television, focuses on Governor Gavin Newsom and Rep. Karen Bass, while also talking about something Californians have always been very vocal about, banning assault weapons and trying to end gun violence. The picture below shows Gov. Newsom giving a speech on why he endorsed Beto in Santa Barbara, California. When asked about his more informal attire, he chuckled saying he has to "dress like Beto because I'm supporting Beto"Read Gov. Gavin Newsom's inaugural address - Los Angeles Times

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November 3rd, 2020 Popular Vote: 54% Turnout - 139,562,069 votes Donald Trump - 65,636,041 votes (47.03%) Elizabeth Warren - 63,584,479 votes (45.56%) Stephanie Kelton - 8,206

It‚Äôs clear Beto would have won ūüĎÄūüėÜ ¬†

Posted Images

Amy O'Rourke holds a rally in Nashville, talking about her husband's plans for healthcare.

"The time is now to act on healthcare, to implement a comprehensive plan that will ensure that every American has a right to get access to healthcare, and I think all the democratic candidates want to achieve this. However, we need a plan that will be implemented, will be passed in congress, not something that a president will spend endless hours to pass when, in reality, it will never get further than Washington. My husband wants to ensure that my healthcare plan will be able to say daylight, and that it will give Americans the choice to switch to Medicare, which I know is very important because a lot of people actually enjoy the healthcare plan they have now and are scared, worried of what will happen if Medicare for All becomes a reality. To those people, to people who need healthcare, to people who can't stand political promises knowing it won't make it any further than congress, I say that my husband has you covered"

Amy O'Rourke traveling to South Carolina for first solo trip | WCIV

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With the increasing competitiveness of California, Gravel goes over to Santa Clara, California where he holds a fundraiser making 680k The campaign spends 600k of it on television ads targeting Los Angeles and San Francisco about Gravel's housing policy. This ad will use the current housing situation in California to try and convince people that Gravel's plan for housing is the one to battle it. Howard Dean barnstorms Vermont making remarks such as "We have a choice to make, we either go with the same old same old establishment Democrat that will end up losing to Trump as 2016 showed us or go with a candidate with progressive ideas that can win back Michigan, that can win back Wisconsin, that can win back Pennsylvania. Gravel is the candidate that can do it!"

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Rep. Juan Vargas and Beto O'Rourke hold a rally in San Diego, during which the Representative announces his endorsement for Beto. 

"When I was thinking about who the best candidate for the democratic nomination would be, I first thought, who will fix the horrible mess at the border and put into place effective and smart policies based on actual personal knowledge of immigration, and immediately Beto O'Rourke comes to mind. No other candidate seems to understand how to fix the problem with immigration and no other candidate will unite us more as a nation, and that is why I'm backing him to be our next POTUS"

Q&A: Juan Vargas, candidate for the 51st Congressional District ...

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Beto O'Rourke holds a massive campaign event in Houston, Texas alongside longtime friend and surrogate Rep. Salud Carbajal.

"Now more than ever is the time where we need to make one of the most important decisions of our lives. We need to end the rapid political polarization that this country is facing, we need to cut carbon emissions before it's too late and we seal our fate, we need to regulate firearms before more innocent lives, innocent children are massacred. Now is the time to unite, now is the time to create a movement together. I every single of the first four states, our campaign has performed unbelievably well, and it is because of our philosophy, our mission to once again unify and unite Americans to all collectively make great change together that this has been possible in four very different states. We need to save the future, the future of our children, the future of our grandchildren and the road starts here, now let's take Super Tuesday right on, and let's give Donald Trump a message"

Beto O'Rourke Officially Kicks Off 2020 Campaign With Speech In El ...

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News Update 3/2/20

The Senate has voted 54-46 Guilty on Abuse of Power and 50-50 Not Guilty on Obstruction of Congress. Senators Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Alexander, Toomey, Portman, and Wicker voted Guilty on Abuse of Power while only Romney, Murkowski, and Collins voted Guilty on obstruction of Congress. All Democrats voted Guilty on both charges. Both charges fail to meet the 67 votes necessary for removal.

The Super Tuesday contest will be held tomorrow and will feature results from the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Minnesota, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Utah, California, and the territory of American Samoa.

North Carolina (D)

McAuliffe 29%

Warren 16%

O'Rourke 14%

Yang 12%

Sanders 9%

Gravel 6%

Oklahoma (D)

McAuliffe 22%

O'Rourke 21%

Warren 19%

Sanders 14%

Yang 9%

Gravel 8%

Tennessee (D)

McAuliffe 25%

O'Rourke 19%

Warren 17%

Yang 12%

Sanders 11%

Gravel 5%

Texas (D)

O'Rourke 27%

McAuliffe 21%

Warren 17%

Sanders 12%

Yang 6%

Gravel 5%

Utah (D)

Sanders 22%

Yang 16%

Warren 13%

Gravel 12%

McAuliffe 10%

O'Rourke 8%

Vermont (D)

Sanders 41%

Gravel 16%

Warren 14%

Yang 9%

McAuliffe 7%

O'Rourke 4%

Virginia (D)

McAuliffe 43%

Warren  18%

O'Rourke 11%

Sanders 9%

Yang 7%

Gravel 5%

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Rep. Cindy Axne of Iowa takes the time to drive up to Minnesota for a couple of days, mainly meeting with farmers and rural voters. Beto O'Rourke's campaign has not performed well in the state, and yet no candidate seems to be above all the others in the state, therefore Beto is hoping maybe he might be able to outperform like he did in Iowa. She talks about how Beto plans to help farmers, while also keeping the trade war, saying 

"When was the last time the US went to war alone? Never, Never. If we want China to be responsible for manipulating currency, for all the things they've done, then we must bring our allies in together with us, and we to show to China that this trade war is no joke, and that they will be held accountable. I think a key factor for why Trump didn't bring allies with him was because of how he's worsening US relations with basically every country in the world, apart from Russia and North Korea. Let me assure you that Beto will ensure global cooperation, further American relations with our allies, and make sure that the farmers of this country will never have to suffer again"

Cindy Axne: Out Of The Spotlight, Key To The Majority | Iowa ...

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Gil Cisneros holds a rally alongside Beto O'Rourke in Anaheim, California.

"You know, winning the mega millions and all, I'vve got pretty good luck and I'm defintely hoping that it rubs off on Congressman O'Rourke.


But on a serious note, as a politician I'm always thinking about my twin boys, their future and how I can affect that as a congressman and I always keep that in mind. We are facing a crisis, climate change is going to grow worse and worse over the next few decades, and I'm always worried about my children's future, how horrible it is going to be if we don't act when it comes to cutting carbon emissions. I doubt there is another candidate with the same urgency, with same drive to try and make sure that our children, our grandchildren will have a future. Beto has smart policies on the matter, has consulted with many experts, tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, and I believe that will make all the difference should he be elected president. And that is why I am endorsing Beto, because by betting on Beto, I'm betting on our future"

Democrat Cisneros nabs GOP House seat in Southern California

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Frustration appears to be mounting in the Warren camp as she releases a blistering attack ad on the last day of campaigning in all Super Tuesday states.

"We've seen it before," The ad begins, with Warren speaking to the camera in a one-on-one situation. "The establishment decides who wins before the race even begins."

She shows videos of the endorsements of Biden and Clinton. "The same politicians who failed us on health care and immigration." She plays a clip of McAuliffe at the DNC saying that people are coming into this nation and taking our jobs. 

"We want a better America. An America where endorsements don't decide who wins. People do." The ad turns to victories in Iowa and New Hampshire with Warren celebrating there. "Where pouring time and effort into a ground game matters." She shows clips of her all over the country talking to every day people. "Where you can't put weight onto a scale and watch as the other person loses. This campaign was supposed to be a conflict of ideas. But it seems that my opponents want to make it into who can get the most endorsers. They can't beat me on the issues of the day, so they bring in the cavalry to see if they can crush me there."

Warren gets visibly frustrated as she finishes her ad. "We have fought through this whole campaign believing that ideas matter, and they do. I fought these same people to bring money back into the American peoples' hands back in the 90s. I'm not going to let them destroy this campaign and what we've fought for. Vote Warren on Super Tuesday."



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(Free Event)
Elizabeth Warren has been hyping an event in Nashville, TN, all week for a very special event. Thousands of curious citizens attend the event, which is given a brief introduction by Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who introduces Senator Warren. "Hello Nashville!" Warren smiles as she takes to the stage, wearing a typical cardigan. "I'm glad to be back in Music City." She said as she walked around the stage. "I'm sure you're all wondering why we've been looking forward to this event so much in this past week. I don't want to do much walking around the subject, so without a further ado, Former Vice President Al Gore!"

Gore takes to the stage with a smile, waving to his home crowd. "Gore! Gore!" People cheer as he walks up to stand beside Senator Warren.

"I am proud to be endorsing Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren for this great state's primaries on Super Tuesday." The crowd roars with approval. "It is clear that the senator understands the drastic threat to this nation posed by climate change - something that her opponents do not share. Only Elizabeth fought to get a climate change question posed by debate moderators, and that stuck with me." Gore says as he glanced at Sen. Warren. "Little did you know, Senator, but that day you earned an ally."

Warren smiles and gives a thumbs up.

"I've heard a lot about the elect-ability argument in this election," Gore says. "But I haven't heard much about leadership. Elizabeth Warren has the guts and the heart to lead this nation beyond Donald Trump. She looks forward with a clear mind and an eye on the future. I was Vice President up until 2000 and I ran for President in 2000. Let me tell you: we do not want to go back. Fighting even for incremental changes on health care was a huge step, for even a bit of changes to the immigration system was considered radical. Sen. Warren leads by example. She doesn't allow others to testify for what she thinks or what kind of person she is. She shows it each and every day by showing up in these places and doing all sorts of work. I am proud to try and help lift some of that burden."

Warren chuckles a bit as the Vice President speaks. "I don't want to hear why someone will beat Donald Trump. It's not interesting to me. Anyone can beat Donald Trump with the right strategy. I want to hear what that person will do in office. And Elizabeth is the only one out there talking about issues day in and day out. She has a remarkable ability to do so without sounding like a broken record. She is a one of a kind Senator, and would be a one of a kind President. I ask you to vote for her and put her to work. God bless America and good night."

The ‚ÄúClimate Change Election‚ÄĚ That Never Came | The New Republic

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The California Federation of Teachers, the affiliate of its parent the American Federation of Teachers and AFL-CIO has endorse Mike Gravel for President of the United States ahead of Super Tuesday. 

In a statement the organization said that "Mike Gravel is the candidate that will fight for California Teachers and stand up for the education rights of Teachers and Students! Gravel will fight for quality education based on high academic standards for both students and teachers, affordable college for students, putting more money into schools and local communities, and higher pay for teachers. We encourage teachers in the state of California to cast their ballots for Mike Gravel on March 3rd."

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(Free Event)

Elizabeth Warren meets and greets in Los Angeles, CA, with a new endorser in tow. Representative Nanette Barragan, a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Asian Pacific American caucus, is one of her recent high profile endorsements in the state of California. She explains to voters why she is voting for Elizabeth Warren - that she will lead on immigration, on all the issues that the state holds dear including climate change (highlighting her recent endorsement by VP Al Gore), and her work on health care. "I have seen no one work harder to become President for all Americans than Elizabeth Warren," High praise, especially from someone who was on Barack Obama's team in 2012. "She will lead this country by example," She tells voters at a diner in Los Angeles. "Rather than get tied down in attacks and the partisan mudslinging." They continue to go from door to door to meet with different groups of voters, but it's clear that the representative's personal campaigning style helps Elizabeth Warren immensely as they visit with different voters. 

"I trust her," One voter simply said about Rep. Barragan. "She's been here only for a little bit, but she's been invaluable to this community."

"I'm voting for Warren," A man says to the representative.

She smiles and says, "Me too."

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Yang will take the stage in Los Angeles, at the campaign's California headquarters, for a press conference. Behind him stand, shoulder to shoulder, and united, all of his notable endorsers, Stacy Abrams, Evelyn Yang, Jim Clyburn, Maxine Waters, and John Delaney. They look somber, yet Yang looks confident, and prepared. He takes a look at the camera in front of him, and begins to speak,

"I love this nation. I knew I loved this nation when I looked at my firstborn child and knew, deep down, that I would fight to make this nation a better place for him. I felt the same urge to fight as I saw my second child, and now, when I look at both of them, I know my calling is to fight for this nation. I have fought. I spent years of my life fighting alongside a nonprofit, Venture For America, to revitalize our communities and give a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs. I have spent almost 8 months since I declared my run on June 10, 2019, fighting for policies which would rework our nation and society. I have fought the fight, and I am not done fighting until I know that this country is the better place I envisioned when I saw my children! However, I will have to continue fighting through a different manner. I am sorry to say this, but as the MATH guy the numbers are not there for my campaign. I will not keep my campaign in the race knowing that I will be taking money, support, and votes from people knowing I cannot win. That is why, I am officially suspending my bid for the 2020 Democratic Nomination. I am no where near done in politics, and as I said I will continue fighting for this nation, for our people, and for my children until I can look both of them in the eyes and say, "This country is built to care for you and love you." I will fight that fight until it is done. And, as the first step to finishing it, I would like to announce that I am endorsing the only other candidate I truly believe can, and has been, carrying my fight forward. She is a principle warrior, a Progressive hero, and the only other candidate in this race who I truly believe can beat Donald Trump! I am officially passing on the torch of my fight, and endorsing Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic Primary. Thank you, to everyone who supported my campaign, but now is the time to join forces and unite this party. So, Warren, YangGang, now is the time for us to join forces and fight for this nation. Thank you."



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Elizabeth Warren makes a campaign stop in Raleigh, North Carolina, along with endorser Cal Cunningham. "I would like to thank Mr. Yang for his endorsement today," Warren says before she speaks. "He has been a fighter for ideas within this primary and everyone should be glad that he has shared his ideas with us. I am lucky that he has endorsed me today. On behalf of Team Warren to all Yang Gangers: welcome. We are happy to have you join us on this journey."

Elizabeth Warren then gave the podium to Mr. Cunningham to speak on her behalf. "To all of North Carolina, I ask of you to vote for Elizabeth Warren in this primary. She has been speaking out on issues regarding inequality for her entire life, and has devoted her public service career to make sure that American dollars stay in American hands - not being blown in some government expenditure that will waste your money. That's why I trust her with the economy and that's why I trust her with health care. Vote Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday!"

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Elizabeth Warren visits San Francisco, California for another rally before the state votes. She campaigns alongside top California endorsers Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Nanette Barragan, and Katie Porter. The four stand behind her as she gives a speech to supporters. "This is what the future of the Democratic Party looks like!" She says with a smile, gesturing behind her. An African-American woman, an Asian-American man, a Latina woman, and a white woman. "We represent America. This is America." 

The crowd roars with approval at the fiery words of their leader and chosen candidate. "California, you see where I am and you see who we are. We don't represent the past. We represent the future. And my, my, the future is going to be good." The crowd cheers and Dream Big, Fight Hard  signs wave frantically around. Warren grins as she sees it, feeling the energy of the room.

"We're going to win here in California!" She says. The crowd gives its thunderous approval. "We're going to win America and the White House and take down Donald Trump in November!"

"We are then going to turn our sights on getting the biggest jobs package done in our nation's history. Health care for all. Taking the fight to global warming. Settling the immigration problem on our southern border. When we are united, Democrats and America, nothing can stop us. We will change this nation for the better, with your help. It's time that America unleashes it's potential."

The shouts of "Two Cents, Two Cents" echoes as each endorser comes up to give a brief statement on why they are voting Warren in the primary. Signs of Yang-Abrams wave when Andrew Yang gives his statement, and then Warren is off to campaign more around the nation.

Andrew Yang: Senators Running for President Should 'Feel Free' to ...

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Elizabeth Warren appears to campaign in the Minneapolis, Minnesota suburbs with Rep. Ayanna Pressley, a top campaign surrogate of hers. "Hello Minnesota!" Warren smiles as she waves to the crowd. "Wow, I can feel the momentum here tonight," She smiled, having felt the day was good for Warren's campaign team. Aid from Andrew Yang, an endorsement by former VP Al Gore, with the endorsement from Kamala Harris, made her feel even better. "Minnesota, I ask that you vote for me. I ask that you vote for ideals and policies that you support. We ask that you vote for your future, not a past that has been rejected again and again. Now with Mr. Yang's departure, that is becoming clearer and clearer. Our team is focused on building a future that everyone can believe in. We have campaign surrogates that are rising stars in the Democratic Party. All due respect to former President Clinton, but the world has changed in the last 20 years. New leaders are emerging. New problems, new ideas. That's what I ask you to vote for. A future you can believe in. I'm Elizabeth Warren and I will bring that needed change. I will bring money and jobs back to this country with a vengeance. I want us all to share in this American Dream. We can't keep having the top 1% hording all of the wealth. I want them to share it, to give back to a country that has given them a lot over the years. Give some to the farmer here in Minnesota, the ironworker up in the Iron Range. They have just as much of a claim on the American Dream as anyone else. If you vote for me - that will happen. Vote for Warren on Super Tuesday and unleash American potential."

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Elizabeth Warren appears at a campaign stop, her last before Super Tuesday, in Little Rock, Arkansas. "Good evening," She greets the crowd, giving a smile as she gives her last stump speech before Super Tuesday. "I am glad to be back in Arkansas." Behind her is former VP Al Gore, as well as Sen. Kamala Harris, two of her most high-profile endorsements. "I've spent a lot of time reflecting on this campaign in the last few days," Warren says. "I've had a lot of time to do it, being on all these plane rides and whatnot. I have noticed a change since January until now. It appears as though we have seen a shift from some of my opponents."

"They have been focusing much less on policy and more on this so-called electability argument." Warren says. "And that's very disappointing to me. I'm very much what you'd call an ideas gal. I loved having those debates on policy. And I'm going to continue talking about it, even if my opponents are not. I want to get health care solved. I'm going to set up multiple programs through the federal government - all free, all capable of taking on people, not just one one-sized fits all plan that has a magic ability to solve everyone's problems. Because everyone's problems are different. A single mom would not want the same plan as a married couple with no kids. It's just simple to see. I would also like to appeal to all of our Yang Gang voters all over this nation - please, vote for Elizabeth Warren. I know I am not Andrew and I will not be the same candidate. But we are one in this fight. It is time to unify, and this is the first step. Show America that Democrats are united against this President and behind Elizabeth Warren and my campaign of progress and change. It's the only way we get stuff done. We won't win by campaigning in the past. We win by campaigning for a better future. That's why I'm running for President. If I didn't believe I could make positive change, I wouldn't be running. Vote on Super Tuesday for Elizabeth Warren and we will see that change done once I am President."

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Romney holds a nationally aired solemn speech in his home state of Utah in Salt Lake City:

"The majority of both the house and the senate agree that the President has disregarded the rule of law in the oval office. While it doesn't meet the 67 votes needed to convict him, it is clear as day that the President is not fit to serve for another four years.

In these trying times, one thing is abundantly. Our President is lacking in the moral integrity and the fact that the majority of the U.S. Senate finds him guilty of abusing power is a shame to the moral standards we set for the oval office. Together, though, we can restore that moral integrity. Together, we can bring the country back together and honor the words of our founding fathers laid bare to us in the framework of the United States constitution. This isn't going to be accomplished in a single day, this isn't going to be accomplished in a week. This is going to take a serious amount of time and effort devoted to rebuilding our country. 

I think I speak for all Americans when I voice my disappointment in the President's actions. But we should not despair. We should not ignore the guiding words of Benjamin Franklin. "A Republic, if you can keep it". For all the beauty in this country, perhaps one of the most beautiful things, is that the United States of America introduced the radical idea of self-government. What happened today illustrates to us as Americans, is that we need to take an active role in the political process. We need to hold our elected officials accountable, in order to sustain this Republic. We cannot afford to fail to heed these wise words from our fore fathers. We must work to preserve the integrity of our country and expect our President to do the same.

Today is a sad day. I think that, regardless of who you are or where you stand, that this is a troubling thought as an American.  It isn't too late to put this chapter in American history behind us.  Our country has been through a lot, and each time we come out stronger. And so I feel out of this too, we shall also grow stronger. "



Gov. Charlie Baker holds a press conference in Boston:

"It is a sad day to see a majority of our United States Senate agree that the President of the United States commit an abuse of power. It did fall short of a 67 vote majority but it is clear that our President holds a disregard for the rule of law. I find it disappointing that our President, no less, contradicts the very values we try to instill into our own children. As Sen. Romney said earlier today, it is indeed a sad day. We can come out of this stronger though, I believe we can still choose to bring this country back together in these divisive times. To me, this illustrates a lack in leadership and trust in our own President and that's something that should upset any American to their core. This is beyond politics, this is beyond party lines, this is about moral integrity. Simply put, the President has failed the American people."




Romney holds a $1 million dollar fundraiser in California. 




Romney holds a rally in Fresno, California:

"Regardless of who you are, I think one thing is clear. It is time to move on past President Trump. 

This is a dark time in American history. But we cannot deny the truth that a majority of the United States Senate voted to convict a sitting President of abusing his power in the White House.

It's going to take a lot of time. It's going to take a lot of effort, but we can rebuild this country. It starts with every single one of us who is here today. We need to hold our elected official accountable and I wholeheartedly agree with that regardless of whose side you're on. 

The stakes of this election are much higher today than they were when I first started running. And regardless of the President, I don't view these elections as horse races. I view elections as a way for the American public to grant themselves a voice. I'm running for President so I can represent those who share my view that we can work to rebuild our country. I'm running for President so I can work for those who are tired of the lack in progress we have made in tearing each other apart instead of working together. I'm running for President so we can restore moral integrity to our oval office. 

One thing, I think we should bear in mind in these dark times, is never to lose hope in the spirit of America. We've been through tough times, but together we can make it through."




Romney runs a $1 million dollar ad in Southern California:

"A majority of the United States House of Representatives voted with several other Republicans to impeach the President

A majority of the United States Senate voted with several other Republicans to convict the President, falling short needed to convict by just 13 votes.

Sen. Romney is running for President to restore honor and integrity to the white house. Together, we can close this chapter in American History and restore normal to our country."



ooc: @SilentLiberty as you're mentioned here

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3 minutes ago, Herbert Hoover said:

Beto restarting his campaign, just like IRL ūüėõ¬†

Gotta get that act together so Beto doesn't lose his voters to you. 

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Mike Gravel travels to Burbank, California for one final word before Super Tuesday.

"It's here, the final mark before Super Tuesday! I wish the other candidates godspeed for this pivotal moment in this primary. This will be short and straight to the point. This is our chance to shake this race up! We have gone from nothing to this! A movement of passionate supporters that want to fight for what is right! For full decriminalization and for the end of the War on Drugs, the end to our useless wars, Health Care is an human right, Housing is an human right, Justice For All, and so much more. We might not have the money or the influence, but we have supports all across the country and people on the ground spreading our message. Our platform is centered on a mission of ending all wars, but also not only our murderous wars of choice abroad, but our disastrous war on drugs, the war on crime, and the everyday war on this country’s working class. Our goal is a country defined by peace and justice, not by violence, inequality, and poverty. I am Former Senator of Alaska Mike Gravel, a proud fighter for a message of anti-imperialism and direct democracy, for the working class, for our teachers, our parents, our children, for all Americans! On Super Tuesday, vote, vote, vote!"

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