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Elizabeth Warren appears at an event in Augusta, Maine, to be endorsed by Maine Gov. Janet Mills. Mills speaks first. "I am proud to be endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President!" The crowd cheers with her. "I have spent years fighting for Medicare expansion here in Maine as attorney general, then got it done first thing once I took office. I know that Elizabeth shares that fighter spirit, as well as that deep commitment to getting stuff done in this country. I am proud to be endorsing her today. She is the best candidate to bring us good, quality health care. She doesn't proclaim it, but her health care plan will work, unlike some of the other candidates. Vote Elizabeth on Super Tuesday!"

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November 3rd, 2020 Popular Vote: 54% Turnout - 139,562,069 votes Donald Trump - 65,636,041 votes (47.03%) Elizabeth Warren - 63,584,479 votes (45.56%) Stephanie Kelton - 8,206

It’s clear Beto would have won 👀😆  

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Warren then appears in her native Massachusetts to celebrate the endorsement of another local representative, Rep. Neal (D-MA), a chairman House Democrat. "There has been one candidate, Massachusetts," He says at the rally in Boston. "Who has been here for you this whole time. That candidate is Elizabeth Warren. She has represented you well in the Senate for 8 years now." He gives her a smile from the stage. "She has proven a champion for Massachusetts and our values here in the state. Who is the toughest on banks? Sen. Warren. Who is our best champion on health care? Sen. Warren. Who will stand up for this planet? Sen. Warren. Every time and every day she proves to our state that she knows us and will represent us. I am proud to be endorsing her run for President today."


Warren arrives in Texas to a crowded stage in San Antonio to announce two Texas endorsements, one by the local paper in San Antonio, and one by John Cornyn challenger MJ Hegar. "This woman is tough," Warren says of Hegar. "And she will be a wonderful Senator from Texas!" The crowd roars and claps, Texas Democrats hungry for a win. Hegar takes the stage. "I am proud to be endorsing Elizabeth Warren for President tonight. She is our best candidate to take the Senate with her. She will lead us through to a victory in November." They meet and greet with many voters to try and sway their vote from their home state Rep. O'Rourke. 

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Elizabeth Warren holds a massive South Carolina rally at an events center in Charleston. She brings her top South Carolina allies to the rally - Jamie Harrison, who's challenging Lindsay Graham, the Senate Minority leader of the statehouse in South Carolina, Nikki Setzler, and her top ally Rep. Ayanna Pressley, who has been running their South Carolina operation. "I am glad to be back in South Carolina!" Warren smiles at the crowd who's assembled. They cheer and clap at the mention of their home state. Harrison, Setzler, and Pressley flank her. "We have a wonderful South Carolina operation, run by these three amazing people." She gestures at them. "South Carolina's next senator, our next South Carolina Senate majority leader, and possibly," She grins at Pressley with a knowing smile. "A future Massachusetts senator? Who knows." Pressley chuckles to herself. "Anyway, down to business." Warren says. "These three people have been running our South Carolina operation with one thing in mind: Elizabeth Warren winning here in South Carolina! I am glad to join them here tonight. We have to tackle some of the most pressing issues going on today in our nation. Health care is by far at the top of our list. We need to drive down premiums. We need to make health care affordable. How do we do that? We embrace a public health care system that will work with the private sector to drive prices down. We need to protect our climate and jobs at the same time. It's a delicate balancing act, but I believe we've figured it out. We embrace new green jobs, as well as a public works program on infrastructure that will lead to many new jobs being created for our nation's working class. This is essential to our economy continuing to grow and flourish. That's what I promise you, South Carolina. Vote for me and that is what you shall get. Thank you, South Carolina!" Rep. Ayanna Pressley breaks from fellow 'Squad' members, endorses ...

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Elizabeth Warren pops across the state line to hold a rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. "I've been down south a lot, but it's good to be here in North Carolina." She says. "You are a critical state - one that may hold the balance of this party in its hands by the time you vote on Super Tuesday. I ask that you consider our campaign to give your blessing to. We are the foremost progressive campaign left in the field. If you are left of Gov. McAuliffe, you should take a hard look at our campaign to maximize the result for progressives. If you're moderate, you are more than welcome to join the team as well. Because we're running a progressive campaign - but one filled with pragmatic ideas. We need to fix health care. We need to bring good paying jobs to America. Those are common sense issues that we need to solve without a partisan basis. Part of that is infrastructure, which will bring jobs back to this country through a jobs program. Because America isn't working right now for everyone. I will change that. If you're struggling to make ends meet - join my campaign today. I will make America work for us all - not just those at the top who have ran the show for so long. Vote Warren on Super Tuesday! Good night!"

Elizabeth Warren Dreams Big in North Carolina - The American Prospect

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Elizabeth Warren finishes her campaigning blitz with a stop in San Diego, California, to visit with voters at a town-hall like format. Rep. Katie Porter stumps with her, having been running the California operation on behalf of Warren's team. They field questions from voters.

"I believe in Medicare for All. I voted Bernie Sanders in 2016. Why should I switch and vote for Elizabeth Warren for 2020?" A voter asks.

"That's a very good question," Warren says. "What's your name?"

"John." The man replies.

"Okay, John, I may not support Medicare for All, but I do believe in getting us there down the road. I don't think that we need to blow up the health care system. But if you are a progressive voting in 2020, I believe that you should vote for me. I love Bernie, I love Mike, but their campaigns haven't exactly taken off so far. Neither has finished above fourth in our nominating process. It's their decision when to get out, but if you want progressive delegates, you should take a look at the Warren campaign. We agree for drastic action on climate change, we agree that we need to make this country more available for all of us. Bernie and I differ in different ways, you've seen that on the campaign trail."

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Mike Gravel travels to Fort Worth, Texas about why we must reform America's Healthcare system.

"The Affordable Care Act was a great step but we must take better action! Health Care is an Human Right not a privilege! We have the most expensive healthcare in the world, and yet compared to every other developed country and most developing ones, we have the highest infant mortality rates, a declining life expectancy, diabetics dying because they can’t afford their insulin, and 643,000 people going bankrupt every year for medical costs. We are dying and decaying, and all of this while a full 25% of our tax dollars go to a bloated and imperialist military-industrial complex that feeds on our money and lives. Just 5% of our taxes actually go to our troops: 12% goes to military contractors. We spend a trillion dollars on a plane that can’t fly, we have a military budget that’s greater than the next twelve largest spenders’ budgets combined, and yet even our veterans are dying because they can’t get the care they need. We have some of the best specialised health care in the world but yet the U.S. ranks 29th for infant mortality and 26th for life expectancy according to OCED. Maternal mortality is the worst in the developed world, and worse than in Iran. Forty percent of adults in the U.S. are obese, giving rise to an epidemic of chronic illnesses. The mental health crisis has also reached disastrous levels, affecting women and men in different ways that expensive clinical responses alone cannot remedy. This all results in a healthcare system that costs 40 percent more than the OECD average, and delivers poorer overall results. This isn't what Americans deserve. America does not deserve this. What we need is a fully socialized, National Health Service-style single-payer healthcare system for all Americans, covering everything that could conceivably be covered by a private insurer, including dental, vision, and hearing services. Americans, elderly to young should be able to access the Health Care services that they deserve! The voice of justice that America needs is right here on this stage! Nobody else is clamoring for this kind of change. Help me be the voice for making a America that is peace and justice—not by violence, inequality, and poverty."

DFA activists organize and start campaigning for Gravel in California, Colorado, and Vermont.

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Charlie Baker holds a barnstorm in Deerfield, MA for Mitt Romney, which generates some local and statewide press coverage:

"I think this election is too important to skip out or not vote. We see it already. Republicans from the Presidents' own party have broken from him. I think what it takes, what we need in order to put this party back together is Senator Romney. When you think about what tariffs have done for our local farmers, it pushes aside our farmers in favor of bureaucrats in Washington who profit off these high taxes on consumers. Senator Romney is here to represent the interests of working people and folks in rural communities. That's the backbone of this state and that's the backbone of this country." 

Gov. Baker proceeds to shake hands and exchange positive words about Sen. Romney with voters


Mitt Romney holds a rally in Bakersfield, California which generates state and national coverage

"Good evening Bakersfield! What a lovely day it is.

The Super Tuesday primaries are forthcoming and I hope think we can rely on Bakersfield, a historically Republican town, to set the stage for us to win in the California Republican primaries. This election is, perhaps, the most important election in modern political history for Republicans. We can choose to nominate an embattled, impeached, and embarrassed President ( @SilentLiberty ), who, under his leadership,  we have lost 7 seats in California. Including the 21st district here in Bakersfield. Because of the current divisive political climate where we push people out of the Republican party instead of bringing them in, Rep. Valadao , an asset to the Republican Party, lost his seat. I hope today we can reverse the path we are on. We are at risk of a country so divided, that we''re heading to swing from one ideological extreme to the other with each and every election cycle. This country's institutions are sacred. I don't think our nation can withstand the division that has been sewn into our political process from President Trump, where, now you have a handful of self-proclaimed socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in congress. We need a return to normal in this country. We need to work towards a freer, more just society together, and we need to illustrate to our misguided radicals, the benefits of a free market economy. We can only do that by bringing people in. We can only do that by working together from the grassroots level up. I'm asking you today, no matter who you are, if you believe in the value of a working government, if you believe in the value of a working free market economy, if you believe in family values, then I'm asking you to join my campaign. I believe we can rebuild the bridges we had before with our fellow Americans, and I believe, that would be for the better"



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Bad weather grounds McAuliffe, so he sends video instead ...

Presidential hopeful Terry McAuliffe speaks to voters at a community center in Greenville, South Carolina

With so little time to go before the South Carolina primary that the McAuliffe campaign has hedged all bets on, the governor continues to barnstorm throughout the state to ensure that his supporters come out to the polls and show their support later this week. Terry McAuliffe swung back through Greenville, which his campaign has eyed as a strong area of support in South Carolina. 

Speaking at a local community center, Governor Terry McAuliffe emphasized his record of achievements that have helped the black community back home in Virginia. With a disproportionately black crowd, the governor was able to stress his record to an audience that was interested in what he had to say. 

"Folks, at the end of the day, I'm a proven leader to help communities like your own. I proved back home in Virginia that I will take on the Republicans, that I'll take on members of my own party when it comes to lifting up black folks that have been left out of our American society in many ways for far too long. As governor, I gave back the right to vote the most amount of felons in America's history: Over 126,000. I led Virginia through the crisis when a white supremacist terrorist took the life of Heather Heyer. I understand the pain that was enacted on not only our community there in Virginia, but the pain that was shared among African American communities across the nation. We won't stand for these communities to second class citizens for any longer."

(Event 1/3)

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Romney targets Colorado, Maine, Utah, and Vermont in a $3m ad buy on TV The ad is short so it can be played frequently during commercial breaks. The ad is aimed at rural america:

Romney speaks to the camera:

"It's obvious to see that President Trump has failed our working class families. Under Pres. Trump, the United States has increased our national deficit while increasing taxes on imports so farmers can pay the price. We don't need the radical solutions that Democratic candidates are proposing. We need common sense policies like cutting taxes on small businesses and stop burdening farmers with costly regulations. We need to stop burdening our workers and our farmers with taxes and regulations that only serve to keep Washington bureaucrats afloat. Take it from a businessman who hasn't declared bankruptcy several times,  our current path isn't sustainable and I'm running for President so I can change that."

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Stuck in the elevator with Terry McAuliffe, Levar Stoney

Governor Terry McAuliffe takes a selfie with supporters and members of his campaign staff before appearing at a town hall in Georgetown, South Carolina

The McAuliffe campaign wanted to avoid the appearance of only visiting cities that had high populations in the state. After all, rural Democrats tended to lean moderate, and Terry would rely on blowout vote counts in those counties and cities to ensure that he held a wide enough lead going into Super Tuesday. So, the McAuliffe campaign visited several small cities over the course of the South Carolina campaign, but the last one was just north of Charleston, Georgetown. In Georgetown, Governor McAuliffe held a town hall to address the concerns of rural South Carolina folks and to talk individually with potential voters. 

One farmer brought up how he has been concerned that the trade war could escalate into something that affects his livelihood. The Governor responded with, 

"Of course, and that's a valid concern. President Trump has proven time and time again that he's not representing the small guy, he's not representing the guy growing crops to make a living. And his trade war has proven that. Farmers across the nation are suffering, and when I'm elected your president, I'm going to represent you. I'm going to fight for you. I'm going to put an end to this ridiculous trade war and allow farmers to continue selling their goods for prices that keep dinner on the table and more. My campaign is going to take Trump on directly, and he'll find that we won't go down easy. We're going all the way to the White House, and we're doing it on the backs of millions of Americans just like you.

So yes, we ARE going to end this trade war. We are going to ensure that people like yourself can continue to make a living. We are going to ensure that people like you have access to affordable healthcare, and that you have a president in the White House that represents you."

(Event 2/3)

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Abe Rakov is photographed in the Capitol's Rayburn Room. News ...

The McAuliffe campaign manager, Abe Rakov, who has previously worked on campaigns for prominent Democrats across the nation

The McAuliffe campaign was running like a well oiled machine, which should surprise none given that it was run by one of the most talented up and coming campaign managers in the Democratic Party. Abe Rakov took the helm of the McAuliffe campaign in late August, and he immediately got to work. Rakov worked on the Jason Kander campaign, and briefly organized the campaign of McAuliffe's rival for the moderate vote, Beto O'Rourke, before a campaign shakeup early last year. 

Rakov's strategy in South Carolina was a simple one, and it has hardly changed from the beginning. Governor McAuliffe needed to stress to the black community all of his accomplishments that have positively affected them, and he needed to do it while chipping away at the likability of the rising star Beto O'Rourke who had captured the hearts of many of these voters before McAuliffe launched his campaign. So, Rakov advised that McAuliffe go on the attack against Representative O'Rourke for the final stretch ahead of the South Carolina primary, and O'Rourke's generally weak debate performance gave the campaign an opening to attack the representative as faltering. In the final campaign event before the primary, Rakov advised that McAuliffe appeal to the citizens of Charleston about his plans for social security, and to really push the idea that a vote for Beto would be a vote for a candidate who would ultimately lose to Donald Trump.

(Event 3/3, I figured I'd spice up the monotony of the posting style)

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Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Representative, Orangeburg County | Project ...

A frame from the video that State Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter of South Carolina uploaded to Twitter, announcing her endorsement of Governor Terry McAuliffe

In the final days before South Carolina, McAuliffe's campaign continued to pursue the endorsement of prominent South Carolina legislators, and it's paid off. Governor McAuliffe received the endorsement of State Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter today.The longest-serving black State House member at 27 years, Cobb-Hunter has sizable influence in the critical Orangeburg area. She also recently took on a broader role beyond South Carolina as president of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. She has urged her supporters in a video uploaded to Twitter to come out and vote for the surging moderate's campaign, citing his record of job creation and his devotion to uplifting the black community back in his home state of Virginia. 

(Free event)

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Vincent Sheheen Out Of The Running For USC Job - FITSNews

Two time former Democratic nominee for governor in South Carolina, Vincent Sheheen, endorses Governor McAuliffe

The McAuliffe campaign announced one final endorsement ahead of the South Carolina primary, and it may be one of the biggest ones yet out of the state. The two-time former Democratic nominee for governor, Sheheen has continued in his role as a state senator from Camden even after his two losses. Having run in a couple of statewide campaigns himself, few elected officials in South Carolina know more about what it takes that State Representative Sheheen. In a speech in Camden, who he represents in the state legislature, he offered a warm endorsement of Governor McAuliffe and stressed that McAuliffe has what it takes to defeat Donald Trump in November and put states into play that Democrats have written off for the general election. 

"Listen folks, what we need this year is a proven winner, and McAuliffe is that. Before he ran in Virginia, the Republican governor had won by about 20%. McAuliffe swung the vote by almost 30% for a convincing victory in a state that many had said was trending more and more red. He's got the chops to appeal to Americans no matter where they are and what they identify as. Terry is going to go all the way and defeat Donald Trump, and I don't know if I saw any other candidate up there on stage last week that I can say the same for. McAuliffe is a winner, and that's what Democrats need if we're going to take back the White House, create jobs for millions of Americans, protect social security, and provide healthcare for all who want it!"

(Free event)

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12 minutes ago, Herbert Hoover said:

ahead of the South Carolina primary, and it may be one of the biggest ones yet out of the state. The two-t

A two time loser one of the biggest yet? ;) 

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South Carolina Democratic Primary Results

576,490 votes cast

Terry McAuliffe - 261,035 votes (45.28%) 29 delegates

Elizabeth Warren - 133,688 votes (23.19%) 15 delegates

Beto O'Rourke - 94,833 votes(16.45%) 10 delegates

Andrew Yang - 51,423 votes (8.92%)

Bernie Sanders - 29,631votes (5.14%)

Mike Gravel - 5,880 votes (1.02%)


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Gov. McAuliffe reaches out to Virginia Republicans in inaugural ...

Governor McAuliffe addresses supporters and campaign staff after a blowout victory in South Carolina

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. South Carolina. Just weeks ago, the press and the pundits declared this candidacy dead. Even after our stunning results in Nevada, the press has continued to doubt our campaign. Now, thanks to all of you, the heart of the Democratic Party, we just won, and we’ve won big because of you. And we are very much alive. We won this state by over 22%, and its all thanks to your support. 

Folks, as we celebrate tonight, here in Columbia, let me talk directly to Democrats across America especially those who will be voting on Super Tuesday. This is the moment to choose the path forward for our party. This is the moment and it’s arrived. Maybe sooner than anyone guessed it would, given the historic size of this field, but it’s here and the decisions Democrats make all across America the next few days will determine what this party stands for, what we believe and what will get done.

If Democrats nominate me I believe we can beat Donald Trump. I believe that we can keep Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives as Speaker, and take back the United States Senate. I believe we can launch a revolution of our own to work with Republicans, to work with independents, to work with all of America to make this nation a better place. So join us. My fellow Democrats across America, join us.

If Democrats want to nominate someone who will build on Obamacare, not scrap it, I’m your guy. If Democrats want a guy who will take on the NRA and gun manufacturers and not protect them. If you want a nominee who will stand up and give the poor a fighting chance and the middle class get restored, not raise their taxes, and keep the promises we make, then join our campaign. And if the Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat. A life long Democrat. A proud Democrat. A Democrat proud to embrace the legacy of Barack Obama. I’m your nominee, folks. 

So get up, take back our country. This is the United States of America. There’s nothing beyond our capacity if we do it together. God bless you all, and may God protect you too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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