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Gore 2004

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Anyone here remember when I said all the scenarios I was working on? But I never submitted any of them? Ha ha good times.

Well, I lost P4E during a computer transfer, so I lost all of my progress. :( But I'm restarting Gore 2004.

Gore 2004 has Gore running for reelection after narrowly winning in 2000 (An AU scenario)

Here's what it has.




Balanced Budget

Business Tax




Free Trade

Gun Control

Same-Sex Marriage


Military Funding

Drilling in Alaska

Personal Tax

Public Health Care

Renewable Energy

Social Security


Republican Candidates:

Rudy Guliani

John McCain

Bill Frist

George W. Bush

Chuck Hagel

Jim Jeffords (He wouldn't have defected)

Condoleeza Rice (Elected to Congress in 2002)

Arlen Specter

Rick Sanotorum

Colin Powell

Zell Miller (Defected after 9/11)

Ann Coulter

Rush Limbaugh

Danforth Quayle

Jim Chabot

Reform Candidates:

Ross Perot (He returns!)

Gov. Jesse Ventura (Won in 2002)

Charles Barkley (Moved to Reform, elected to Senate 2002)

Donald Trump

((These are all strong candidates who could take a state or two)

Green Candidates:

Ralph Nader

Pat LaMarche

David Cobb

Peter Camejo

Michael Moore

Suggestions? Comments? Questions?

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