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Founding Fathers Three: This Time, It's The Third One

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Also, this is actually the last card in our current deck, which means...(after we either approve or deny/ignore Florida)...we've officially made it past the sequel game and into the new expansion era!

@mlcorcoran @Woot @swejie @Leuser @Herbert Hoover Its Expansion Beta Test Time! We’ll explain a few other minor things as they pop up, but the main thing to know right now is the new positio

@swejie ISSUE SIX 1924 Grover Cleveland has died at the age of 87.  His supporters have found pages to what appears to be a proposal various Democrat ideals such as giving financial aid

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4 minutes ago, Leuser said:

That is great! Aye towards civil war!


We roll on the tax outrage tracker.  Rolled a 3.  5 (on the card) + 3 (the roll) = 8.  @mlcorcoran Thomas Jefferson and Secretary @Herbert Hoover Benjamin Franklin become even more hated, losing 1 popularity each.

I'll work on updating the sheet.  In the meantime, any more taxes, @mlcorcoran?

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A revenue of 52 against a debt of -30 results in a new federal balance of 22


Jefferson retires with his starting popularity reduced from 5 to 2. The liberals turn to James Madison @Woot as the frontrunner to run for President. If Madison refuses, runner-up Edmund Randolph will be obligated to run. They are tied for popularity but Madison is the older of the two setting the tie.

The conservatives look to John Jay @Leuser as their frontrunner to run for President. If he declines, Alexander Hamilton @Leuser would be obligated to run in his stead.


Public Support is neutral but Jay is the more popular of the candidates in the race, so action turns first to @Woot to accept or decline Madison's nomination

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Action to @Woot to name a Vice President.


Keep in mind the 12th amendment has not  passed yet, so your VP can be both an ally and an opponent capable of seizing the Presidency for himself if he gets more electoral votes than you do.

Each State gets to vote twice, for two separate candidates.  They might choose the President and VP of the same party, or of opposing parties, or both Presidential candidates, or both VP candidates, or whatever other combinations exist.

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Ok.  Here's the Elbridge Gerry rule, per the rulebook:

Consider this Statesman as belonging to either Party; he is never a Party leader, even if President. As President he does not observe Party alignment in appointing Officers. He can only
run for President in the event of Single Party Dominance.  In the event of economic crisis, Public Support moves only toward 0 instead of away from a Party. When running for President, he always announces his running mate first. In resolving Elections, he always places markers last unless Public Support is at 0, in which case he places first. If he is President, the order of control of Newspapers is first the Party with the most Public Support, failing that the Party leader with more Popularity, following that the Party leader with the lower Age number.

There's nothing there about him not being able to run for Vice President, so I'll allow it.  The ticket is Madison-Gerry.

Action to @Leuser to name his VP.

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