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Founding Fathers Three: This Time, It's The Third One

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Also, this is actually the last card in our current deck, which means...(after we either approve or deny/ignore Florida)...we've officially made it past the sequel game and into the new expansion era!

@mlcorcoran @Woot @swejie @Leuser @Herbert Hoover Its Expansion Beta Test Time! We’ll explain a few other minor things as they pop up, but the main thing to know right now is the new positio

@swejie ISSUE SIX 1924 Grover Cleveland has died at the age of 87.  His supporters have found pages to what appears to be a proposal various Democrat ideals such as giving financial aid

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A careful review of IP usage has revealed that when we thought Clinton won the election and Jay had retired, Hamilton and Clinton were each awarded 1 IP as the new faction leaders.

But when that election was rewound and Jay won after all, the IP was never corrected.

I've deducted one IP from Hamilton and Clinton and awarded it to @Leuser Jay and @Woot Madison.

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15 hours ago, Leuser said:

Bring on the first issue!



The election of 1796 -- marred as it was by voting pattern irregularities, particularly in Maryland and North Carolina -- inspired yet another round of distrust between the American people and the government they had installed to replace the King.  As Supreme Court Chief Justice Fisher Ames began greatly expanding the court's purview, and the National Bank's first Board of Directors unexpectedly featured a disproportionate number of Directors from Maryland and North Carolina, these concerns only grew.

In an effort to tamp down on this bubbling discontent, end dissent, and stave off open rebellion, Attorney General Gouverneur Morris called upon the states to send delegates for a Second Constitutional Convention.  Though widely expected to redraft the election process to eliminate questionable behavior and casual corruption, or create a more specifically delineated separation of powers between the three branches of government, or even decide once and for all the pressing question of slavery, conventioneers emerged instead with a most unexpected First Amendment:  granting land-owning women (usually wealthy widows) the right to vote.

- Constitutional Crises: The Disasters That Made America            ,           

As a reminder as it's been about a year since we last did this, if women's suffrage passes, Abigail Adams (John Adams' widow) and Dolley Todd (Dolley Madison in our timeline, though she can marry anyone) will be shuffled into the deck.  Later in the game, a third woman will likely be added into a future deck as well.  These women will be fully playable statesmen (stateswomen?), eligible for all applicable offices including the Presidency.

What say you, @Leuser?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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