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Extended 1920 election


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1 hour ago, bosco said:

Anyone can add all of third parties in the 1920 Election scenario in the 270soft Scenario Page?


Here are the rest of Third parties other than the socialists. (screenshots from The US election atlas)

Screenshot_20191219-131638_Samsung Internet.jpg

I have a party icon I use for all the small political parties in the whole Single Tax movement of the 1920's-1940's in their entirety, in the United States, Canada, and Australia, at that time. I also have one for the American Farmer-Labor, Socialist Labor, and Prohibition Parties of that day. The American Party logo, under Ferguson, is MUCH harder (read: near impossible) to find thus far. I can get them uploaded for you, if you want to use them.


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2 minutes ago, bosco said:


I will make it myself as I know some basics of making scenarios

These are the four. They're already in the proper graphic dimensions and .bmp format to be used immediately, but you might want to rename them to shorter file names for ease of use. I'm afraid you're on your own for Ferguson's American Party logo - I've tried to find something appropriate, and thus far failed.

Farmer_Labor_Party_of_the_United_States_logo_(1918_1936).bmp Prohibition_Party_(United_States)_logo_(1900_1920).bmp Single_Tax_Party_(United_States)_logo_(1920_1924)_-_Commonwealth_Land_Party_(United_States)_logo_(1924_1924)_-_Single_Tax_Party_(Alberta)_logo_(1944_1944).bmp Socialist_Labor_Party_of_America_logo_(1876).bmp

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