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east germany 1990


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12 minutes ago, bosco said:

Anyone can make a East German 1990 election for President infinity??



because I wanted to win the election as Hans Modrow

I'm currently in the process of making one right now. It's not just not for President Infinity, but it wasn't a presidential or other singular executive head election directly. I'm close to finishing it, actually. Here's the thread (updated very recently).


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43 minutes ago, bosco said:

But you can try to port it into PI

First of all, you can't "port" scenarios between different games made by TheorySpark. They have to be completely redone with only the graphics and actual election information intact. Second, making it by PI makes no sense - it was not a "presidential" election, or a direct, or by proxy (like the Electoral College) election of a single executive head at all. It was an election for a legislative body of 400 members using a non-FPTP electoral system that required a coalition, historically, to form a government.

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9 hours ago, bosco said:

How about a scenario where the 1990 East German Election was decided by Electoral Vote?


It's being done by a Chancellor Forever. You're being quite pushy about this for someone just making a request for someone else's fan-made scenario.

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