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Quebec 1994 - A PQ government for a 2nd referendum


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28th July 1994 - 12th September 1994.

After the crushing victory of the Bloc at the federal election of 1993, Liberals and Pequist are now neck and neck, with the born of a third party named ADQ (Action Democratique du Quebec)

The campain is essentially about sovereignty and the future of Quebec. The Pequist leader (Jacques Parizeau) has made clear he will submit a referendum in the 1st year of his government.

-Can the leader of the PQ finally comes to power?

-Can the Liberals stay at power, after 9 years of Bourassa government and in a whole sovereignist rise?

-Can the new leader of the ADQ, Mario Dumont (formerly Liberal youth president) wins his seat of Rivière du Loup, bringing this new francophone and right-wing formation to power?


-To be released as soon as possible !

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44 minutes ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

I'm so excited! :D

Can I finish you 😛 ?

I brought alternatives :


Jean Charest is also playable on the Liberal side ;)

This light different in % and huge difference in seat is normal because of language's vote in a bipartism system and even today Liberals are doing 80% in anglophone West Island of Montreal and the PQ 14%.

I will maybe solidify electorate and change cash system now 😛

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Mod released

I could later improve program and events but it's minor enough so that I release the mod !

Be prepared for a huge slipping back in time.





After 9 years in power, the Liberals of Quebec are aweakened. Despite holding 88 seats, the Canadian constitutionnal crisis and the reject of Brian Mulroney’s Meech Lake accord boosted sovereignism in Quebec to an unprecendent approval support.

The Pequists, led by the very independentist Jacques Parizeau are expecting and willing to make big gains. A year ago, in 1993, the Bloc Québécois with Lucien Bouchard got 50,3% of the vote in Quebec and almost 2 millions votes, winning 54 federal seats and forming the official opposition in Ottawa.

The victory of the PQ has to be the second step of independentist walk, the third will be a referendum in 1995 on sovereignty organized by the government of Quebec. Can the pequists get the second step of the sovereignist walk to independence?

This election is crucial because the sovereignists can’t hold any referendum on sovereignty without winning Quebec’s parliament. The Liberals, without their historical leader, Robert Bourassa, are now led by the last Johnson, Daniel Johnson Jr.
His short term of a year as incumbent Premier didn’t give him the time to deliver a complete strategy against sovereignists but Liberals are up since spring.

The former Liberal youth president Mario Dumont has left his party and is now leading the Action Democratique du Quebec.
Can this young and fresh politician wins his seat of Rivière-du-Loup?
This francophone right-wing party is, for itself, unclear about independence.

Will the Pequist prevail? Or the Liberals? Or will the ADQ be able to win enough seats to become the King Maker in this crucial election for Quebec’s future?

The famour polemist and radio animator, André Arthur is also declared as independent candidate and wants to win his seat of Louis-Hebert, local polls give him a solid 27% behind the Parti Québécois.

Will the Pequist prevail? Or the Liberals? Or will the ADQ be able to win enough seats to become the King Maker in this crucial election for Quebec's future? And what about André Arthur's bet?


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