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Democrats win in Kentucky in age of Trump

Sean F. Kennedy

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1 hour ago, Patine said:

Japan has had the Liberal Democratic Party win majority governments straight, except for twice (each after an economic crash), for one term each, since the late 1950's, Singapore's People's Action Party has never lost an election, or even come close, since independence in the mid-'60's. Portugal has also had, almost solidly, a two-party, unchallengeable system since a brief realignment after the 1975 Carnation Revolution. And, in Hungary, Fidesz got a supermajority due to circumstance in 2006, and then single-handed re-wrote the Constitution has been unchallenged since. Solid one- or two-party systems that get this firmly established and entrenched have two big problems. First, pressing issues that really are screaming out to be dealt with and becoming real problems that do not have productive solutions are doing dick-squat for a real resolution or solution (good example - American gun crime, both the Republican and Democratic proposed solutions are utterly useless in dealing with the issue as it currently stands, and have made no progress in dealing with the real source of the problem, or real productive solutions), or the main party fully supports, or both parties tend to agrees, as parties (like the highly flawed and broken American approach to interventionism, which only makes things worse in the Third World, and despite this massive, over-funded war machine, the U.S. has only won two unqualified military victories since the end of WW2 - Grenada and Desert Storm, which shared in common with the Six-Day War, the Falkland War, and the Russo-Georgian of 2008, strictly defined objectives and parameters, and a very brief period of overwhelming military action, and then STOPPING), that these issues tend to get ignored until they become untenable, and a lot of damage has already been done. Second, the "privilege" of that sort of incumbency - to be in a position to stack the deck against all outside parties from an institutional level - not just a political governing one, and thus corrupt bargains with major endorsers and media coverage, running the electoral agencies, apportionment of seats, and judicial bodies to mediate electoral discrepancies, and such on a de facto partisan basis, even though these things should be, by legal mandate, purely non-partisan, and other elements that are indeed called out in general as "rigging elections."

I'm actually in a class about Japanese politics and I'm responding so I remember to respond to this later 😛

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2019 at 10:27 PM, Reagan04 said:

Kennedy invaded Cuba

To be pedantic here @Reagan04 - and yes, I know, the post is over two month old - technically, Kennedy didn't actually invade Cuba HIMSELF. Some members of his Administration, with his tacit permission, armed and equipped a bunch of Cuban-Americans who were not in the U.S. Military - many were not even actually U.S. citizens, put them on some boats, "pointed-and-clicked" to the Bay of Pigs, promised air support (that never happened), and said, "take your country back with our blessings," more or less. It wasn't actually a U.S. invasion - though, in conventional military mores, it's somewhat less honourable, analogous to sending mercenary companies or privateers to do your dirty work for you. Again, just indulging in pedantry.

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