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15 hours ago, Reagan04 said:

Let the above squabbling be my reason for why the Democrats never should have given themselves over to the sexual assault story. Personally I believe Kavanaugh is innocent because there was not nearly enough evidence to say that he wasn't. By polarizing the country with this story which got more fantastical by the day they stopped their one good chance of actually hammering Kavanaugh where it would hurt with Republicans; privacy rights and the right to life. Kavanaugh, no matter what the radical left would have you believe, is no warrior for the rights of the unborn. And he also has a terrible track record on meta data and government spying. This is a guy Mike Lee Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should have instinctively opposed, instead the Democrats muddled the conversation, overplayed their hand on Me Too, and jazzed up the Republicans with the refrains of "Lyin Democrats". Because lets be honest, Ford was a credible allegation to be sure, everything after that was one giant shitshow of more and more wild stories that all fell apart as one giant hoax which looked like a concoction made to destroy an otherwise decent mans life. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Brett Kavanaugh is a good family man, or that Stephen Breyer or Sonia Sotomayor love their children and would never rape someone. 

However, Brett Kavanaugh was a laughable pick for a Republican President with a Republican Senate and represents everything that is wrong with Trumps bastardization of conservatism and his overt statism

When Mike Lee, Ray Kethledge, Amy Coney Barrett, and so many more are on the table, you don't lick Kavanaugh unless you're trying to appease the swamp, which is what Trump did.

Thank you. I ignored everyone's comments in between.

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