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Founding Fathers Part Two: Electric Booger Shoe

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It's not quite over yet!

Yes it's true, Harrison's only legal move is to Michigan. Then McLean and Tompkins take Delaware and Michigan, respectively.

That brings us to 111 Conservatives and 57 Liberals at the end of Round 2.

Round 3
Marcy to New England

@swejie Harrison, with no other available moves, takes the lone west coast state of Oregon


Action back to @Woot

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27 minutes ago, Woot said:

Cabinet Position Offers

Sec of State - JQA

Sec of Treasury - Abe Lincoln

PM General - Charles Adams

Sec of War - Zachary Taylor @Agent B

Sec of Navy - Thomas Benton @Agent B

Att General - Charles Sumner @Shamilton

Spec Envoy - Hannibal Hamlin @Shamilton

Not time yet, still have to do cards and actions first.  

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29 minutes ago, mlcorcoran said:

@Actinguy My math was way off the first time, no idea how that happened. Sorry for the confusion!

@Woot is correct, the liberals finished with 147 votes instead of 169, against the conservatives 159. Conservatives won


1 hour ago, Woot said:

Marcy won 159 to 147

Thanks guys.  Game creator shared an excel sheet that easily caluclates election results, we can incorporate that if we start up another game.

But in the meantime:  I've fixed the titles and popularity to reflect the correct election outcome.  @mlcorcoran William Marcy is President and @swejie William Henry Harrison is VP.  

Updated card distribution: (it didn't actually change the order)

@Agent B 47
@Leuser 49
@Shamilton 55
@Woot 58
@swejie 64
@mlcorcoran 79

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Time for our FINAL influence round!

Players expend Influence Points from their faction supplies and/or their Statesmen, but Influence on a Statesman may never be spent on behalf of another Statesman.

Players can perform each option only once per turn:

a. Make a Speech: The player expends an Influence Point, indicates one of their Statesmen and rolls the die. After the roll they can spend extra Influence. Each Influence Point they spend adds 1 to the result. When the result is 6 the Statesman receives a point of Popularity.

b. Whip up Support: This option moves Public Support in the direction of the party of one of the player's Statesmen. The player names the Statesman, expends 1 Influence Point and rolls the die to determine the amount of movement: 1-2: no change 3-5: one space 6: two spaces.   Public Support does not move beyond +12.

c. Fund Newspapers The player indicates one of his Statesmen, then either: Spends 1 Influence Point to place a Party cube of the Statesman's Party on the Start position of the Newspapers Track. Or Spends 2 Influence Points to move right one space a cube of the Statesman's Party on the bottom half of the Newspaper Track.

We open with President @mlcorcoran

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