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Founding Fathers Part Two: Electric Booger Shoe

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1 hour ago, Leuser said:

First issue please!



Mr. President — ever since Michigan gained statehood, trade traffic down the Mississippi River to New Orleans has increased 10 fold.

With the increased business — and land prices brought back to earth thanks to Hamilton’s Specie Circular plan — more settlers are establishing themselves along the river, around the midway point.

Will you approve Missouri’s request for statehood?

(it will not be adjacent to any other state, for now)


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9 hours ago, mlcorcoran said:

@Actinguy we abolished slavery under President Ben Franklin. What does "extension of slavery crisis" mean as a pre-requisite?


4 hours ago, upandaway said:

Maybe I can help, by quoting the FAQ...

Q. If we resolve the End Slavery Issue, does this mean that resolution of the Extension of Slavery Issue is no longer a prerequisite for the Maine and Missouri State Admission Issues? Yes


Thanks, Rick!

Yep, with slavery ban abolished, Missouri is clear for statehood following the usual requirements (President, Sec of State, Congress)

”Extension of slavery crisis” refers to a historical fight over whether new states would be entered as free or slave states.  It was resolved (temporarily) by admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state to maintain the existing balance between the two.

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