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Founding Fathers Part Two: Electric Booger Shoe

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33 minutes ago, mlcorcoran said:

@Actinguy I will play the card "REPUBLIC OF TEXAS ESTABLISHED" on statesman Andrew Jackson. Spreadsheet is updated with +2 Popularity to him for remembering the Alamo and +1 Public Support to Liberals. Let me know if he survives the dice roll or dies.


General Andrew Jackson, after 16 years of faithful service as General of the Armies, announces his retirement at the ripe old age of 42 and heads west to find fortune and fame.


Fame he finds, though his fortune runs out as Mexican troops overrun his defenses at a mission known as The Alamo.  Even so, Texas independence is won and many years later, a certain rodent entertainment company will create a television show with a much beloved theme song about this grand adventure.

”Born in Carolina, o’ the ole Waxhaws;

Eight years old, skinnin’ Chief Choctaws;

General of the greatest army you e’r did see; 

In ‘96, denied an opportun’ to be VP...

Andreeeeew, Andrew Jackson!  Representin’ Tennessee;

Andreeeeeew, Andrew Jackson!  Mental ward escapee!  

Andrew Jackson is killed, but the independent Republic of Texas shall carry on.

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Action to @Leuser to decide whether to cash out either party’s newspapers for immediate public support, or leave them there with the hope that they will continue to grow in value.

(In addition to controlling liberal party leader Monroe, Leuser also has conservative postmaster general Rufus King.  The postmaster general now controls their own party’s newspaper even if they are not their party’s leader).

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2 minutes ago, Leuser said:

They liberals, hoping to expand on public support, cash in both newspapers. 

The conservatives, about to make their move, decide to bide their time and wait for the opposing iron to cool before striking. 

Public support is now +6 Liberals.

As a reminder to everyone, if it reaches +9 Liberals, Conservatives will not be able to run for President.  Instead, up to four Liberals can run...and if each chooses a different VP, we could have EIGHT Liberal candidates competing for the Presidency (pre-12th amendment).

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Statesman Influence Time!

Players expend Influence Points from their faction supplies and/or their Statesmen, but Influence on a Statesman may never be spent on behalf of another Statesman.

Players can perform each option only once per turn:

a. Make a Speech: The player expends an Influence Point, indicates one of their Statesmen and rolls the die. After the roll they can spend extra Influence. Each Influence Point they spend adds 1 to the result. When the result is 6 the Statesman receives a point of Popularity.

b. Whip up Support: This option moves Public Support in the direction of the party of one of the player's Statesmen. The player names the Statesman, expends 1 Influence Point and rolls the die to determine the amount of movement: 1-2: no change 3-5: one space 6: two spaces Public Support does not move beyond 12/-12.

c. Fund Newspapers The player indicates one of his Statesmen, then either: Spends 1 Influence Point to place a Party cube of the Statesman's Party on the Start position of the Newspapers Track. Or Spends 2 Influence Points to move right one space a cube of the Statesman's Party on the bottom half of the Newspaper Track.

We open with President @Leuser.   You can do any/all of the above.  Which, if any, will you do?

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