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Founding Fathers Part Two: Electric Booger Shoe

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With the upper class rebellion put down, you can finally focus on the job at hand...wait, what's this?  You're nearly out of time, already!

With the 1804 Presidential Election quickly approaching, it seems unlikely that your accidental presidency is going to result in you receiving your party's nomination in earnest.  

That is, not unless you could come up with a big win, to get your name at least into the conversation.  Something huge.  Something pandering to the masses.  Something....

Eureka!  You dip your quill and begin to write.

After several days of writing and re-writing, you consider whether this effort is ready to be seen by the masses -- or is it better to accept your small place in history, and not make a play for your party's nomination after all?


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Gentlemen, I urge you to join me in voting no on these supposed "Rights". 

The only rights are Natural Rights, bestowed on every human being by God and Nature. It is not for any government to give or to take away without due process of law. This essential fact was at the heart of our Declaration of Independence - that all Men are created equal with the Natural Rights to life, liberty, property, and the freedom to pursue their own happiness, on their own terms.

James Madison made a very thoughtful and intentional decision not to call out enumerated Rights in our Constitution, and we ought to stand by that.

When John Adams attempted to pass a law infringing free speech by the public and the press with his abysmal Sedition Act, it was defeated.

When Benjamin Franklin created financial incentives for an end to the brutal and sinful practice of chattle slavery, and to acknowledge the Natural Rights of those liberated slaves, it succeeded.

My fellow Americans, Oliver Ellsworth's bill of rights are an attempt at enshrining his own legacy. Join me in saying Nay!

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It is my understanding that although he first did not believe these rights were needed in the constitution, Madison himself was instrumental in drafting these provisions. I vote AYE with confidence in knowing that future generations wont have to leave the sovereignty of their rights up to vague interpretation! 

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After much thought I feel that tariffs over taxes is the proper move for our country. We need to encourage more domestic growth and stop sending our money out of America by purchasing English goods!

First order of business is to propose Tariff 2, if passed this will allow for the repeal of taxes giving our citizens a relief from the burden we have faced paying for wars.

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Ok that's 53 in favor, no one has enough IP to undo that. Tariff 2 passes.

President Ellsworth and Treasury Secretary James Monroe each earned 1 popularity

Federal revenue is raised from 54 to 74 against a debt of -95

@Actinguy the spreadsheet is up to date.

@Leuser any final legislation from President Ellsworth before we enter the election of 1804?

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Also worth noting that President Ellsworth  has now tied Alexander Hamilton for highest popularity in the Conservative Party; and in the event of a tie, the tie-breaker is Age. Oliver Ellsworth is the elder statesman and he now has leadership of the Conservative Party and first dibs on the nomination in the upcoming election.

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