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Donald Trump Report Card (Oct 2019)


Donald Trump Report Card  

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  1. 1. Which of the following actions from Trump's administration do you approve of?

    • Nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the SC
    • Nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the SC
    • Reinstatement of the Mexico City abortion policy
    • Signed a bipartisan criminal justice reform
    • Return to the Republican War on Drugs emphasis
    • Withdrawing from the INF Treaty (Nuclear warheads) with Russia
    • Trump Tax Cuts (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017), a return to "trickle down" economics
    • Trump tariffs, the first energetic return to protectionist tariffs since Herbert Hoover.
    • Withdrew protections for people who have defaulted on student loans
    • Coal and oil industry deregulations
    • Withdraw from Paris Climate Agreement
    • Weakened the Endangered Species Act, primarily for helping the mining and natural resource drilling industries.
    • Withdrew from the Arms Trade Treaty, a UN treaty which aimed to curb the sale of arms worldwide.
    • Banned bump stocks for guns.
    • Attempt to repeal Obamacare (Although, this effort failed).
    • Proposed substantial cuts to medicare, medicaid, and Social Security disability insurance
    • Signed bipartisan legislation to combat opioid epidemic.
    • Trump's response and reaction to the Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, which resulted in thousands of deaths.
    • Trump's intention to build a border wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it.
    • None of the above.
  2. 2. Continued...

    • Crackdown on illegal immigration, including the family separation policy.
    • Crackdown on sanctuary cities (political refugees)
    • The "Muslim Ban," aimed at curbing immigration primarily from Muslim countries
    • Banning transgendered troops from the US military
    • Rather neutral responses to White Nationalists
    • Withdrawing troops from Syria
    • Attempts to cool relations with North Korea
    • Defending Vladimir Putin from the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans
    • First sitting president to step inside of North Korea
    • Trump's handling of Mueller's Russian Investigation.
    • Trump's handling of the Impeachment Inquiry, including his official statement declaring it unconstitutional and that he won't comply with it.
    • Publicly stating that Ukraine and China should investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden, and Biden's son.
    • Repeated attacks on Republicans that disagree with him, including calling for the impeachment of Mitt Romney.
    • Unusual attacks on Democrats, including calls to lock Hillary Clinton up, impeach Adam Schiff, etc.
    • His use of Twitter
    • Rex Tillerson as Sec of State
    • Mike Pompeo as Sec of State
    • Steve Mnuchin as Sec of Treasury
    • Jim Mattis as Sec of Defense
    • None of the above
  3. 3. Cont...

    • Jeff Sessions as Att Gen
    • William Barr as Att Gen
    • Ryan Zinke as Sec of Interior
    • Wilbur Ross as Sec of Commerce
    • Tom Price as Sec of Health
    • Betsy DeVos as Sec of Education
    • Ben Carson as Sec of HUD
    • Elaine Chao as Sec of Transportation
    • Rick Perry as Sec of Energy
    • John F Kelly as Sec of Homeland Sec and as Chief of Staff
    • Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff
    • Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador
    • Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor
    • Steve Bannon as a chief adviser
    • Ivanka Trump as a chief adviser
    • Jared Kushner as a chief adviser
    • Trump's campaign rhetoric
    • Trump's embrace of nationalism, including nationalism within Europe (Brexit)
    • Trump's aggressive stance towards Venezuela.
    • None of the above

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New poll. 

Give your letter grade from A-F below. Feel free to break up the grade into various parts of his presidency (economics, foreign affairs, etc.)

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F grade overall. I forgot to add the trade war with China. I think his best trait is his shift away from the US as a bellicose nation; however, I don't like the way that he's implementing his relatively pacifistic foreign policy. 

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1 hour ago, vcczar said:

F grade overall. I forgot to add the trade war with China. I think his best trait is his shift away from the US as a bellicose nation; however, I don't like the way that he's implementing his relatively pacifistic foreign policy. 

I just learned a new word


1 hour ago, Reagan04 said:

Economics: C+

Foreign Policy: F

Social Issues: D+

Upholding Oath of Office/Constitution: F--

Overall: D

Yeah I hated the bump stocks ban too. Good thing I lost all mine in a boating accident out on the lake though. Damn lakes.

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43 minutes ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

I just learned a new word


Yeah I hated the bump stocks ban too. Good thing I lost all mine in a boating accident out on the lake though. Damn lakes.

And the consorting against American elections, and the national emergency, and HARPA, and "take first, due process second", and the rabid enforcement of illegal federal laws, and the... oh well you get the point.

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37 minutes ago, victorraiders said:

Economics: C+

Foreign Policy: B

Social Issues: D+

Overall: B+


>highest grade is a B

>lowest is a D+

>earns a B+


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12 hours ago, ThePotatoWalrus said:

ok librals wyh do u guys like mattis so much


I don't think I checked him, but I respect him a lot more now than I did during his confirmation. Part of this might have been the fault of media and other sites that mollify my biases. "Mad Dog" Mattis, the "Warrior Monk" was portrayed as a celibate, theocratic mad man that took out his sexual frustrations by killing Muslims. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but he was being promoted as a person that shouldn't be handling administrative duties. While I would disagree with Mattis on many political issues, I did find him to be one of the few people in Trump's administration with relatively good integrity. That is, a sense of right or wrong and some semblance of selflessness. 

So I'd put him in the same class as I would McCain, Romney, Flake, Sasse, Kasich, and Haley. These are people I would never consider voting for, but they are people I greatly respect compared to most Republicans. I'd call them "honorable members of the opposition" rather than enemies. They're just a tier below, Huntsman, Hogan, Baker, and Martinez, who are Republicans I could see myself conceivably voting for if I lived in their state. I wouldn't vote for them for president because they'd have to fill the government with other Republicans. If Charlie Baker cloned himself and filled all the offices with Charlie Bakers than I might vote Republican over an incompetent Democrat nominee. But he would have to pick some Cruzes and Trumps to make his party happy, so "no" to Baker as president. Anyway, these would also be "honorable members of the opposition." I have no real issues with them. Their disagreements are often reasonable, and often based on fiscal conservatism and not on social intolerance, fear, anger, or hatred, or some sense of superiority . 

I would think many liberals or progressives--except those so radical that they consider Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden or even Elizabeth Warren to be practically Republicans--would agree with me. This is probably why Mattis is palatable. It might also be because Mattis, by comparison with the rest of Trump's cabinet, seemed competent, likable, sensical, and honest.

The entire GOP would be a much better party if it dropped the Trump base and Cruz base. That is dropping the nationalistic and theocratic focus, for a fiscally conservative, pro-trade, pro-science, socially tolerant GOP. Basically, a Libertarian Party that was pro-science and accepted the practicality of some social programs (Bill Weld, for example). If the GOP were like this, then I think there'd be a real choice on election day. Ideally, there wouldn't be a Democrat vs. Republican election every four years; it would be the Science Party vs. the Humanitarian Party. Both are activists for progress, but they'd have a difference focus.  

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It seems the majority of those that responded to the polls disapprove of everything Trump has done except for the instances when he's been bipartisan, his attempt to cool relations with North Korea, and his nomination of Jim Mattis as Defense Sec. 

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11 minutes ago, Wiw said:

Economics : D-

Foreign Policy : F

Social Issues: F-

Overall: F

The fact alone that he restarted the arms race makes it worse!

I wouldn't put it past him to take down the whole world with him if he's taken down.

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Foreign Policy:E-

Social Issues:F

Upholding Oath of Office:F-



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5 minutes ago, Wiw said:

...you really think he would initiate a nuclear holocaust if he loses in 2020?

I don’t think he would for losing an election. I think he would if conviction and life imprisonment seemed eminent  for him. 

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49 minutes ago, Wiw said:

Well... I think he'd have lost control of the codes before it got to that point.


20 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Let’s hope so. 

Do you guys really believe in the unilateral Presidential code release cinematic Hollywood myth? It actually takes four counter-signatures, two other co-keyholders, and, ideally, if possible, a Congressional release to launch a nuclear missile in the modern U.S. In fact, all current nuclear powers have similar, if different failsafes. The only nation that has an active nuclear program and the possibility of developing ranged nuclear weapons that would likely allow it's leader such a power at all would be North Korea.

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