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21st Century Electoral Pattern: Ohio

21st Century Electoral Pattern: Ohio  

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  1. 1. Please read my first post first, then answer this: What is your prediction for OH in 2020 if Biden or Warren is the nominee? Pick one for Biden and one for Warren (comment below) unless they're the same answer.

    • Democrats will win by a margin larger than Trump's 2016 margin: 8.2 pts or higher
    • Democrats will win by about Obama's 2008 margin: 4.6 pts
    • Democrats will by Obama's 20012 margins: 3.0 pts
    • Democrats will win by a margin of 2.9 pts or less
    • Republicans will win by 2.0 pts or less.
    • Republicans will win by Bush's 2004 margin: 2.1 pts
    • Republicans will win by Bush's 2000 margin: 3.5 pts
    • Republicans will win by Trump's historic 21st century margin in 2016: 8.1 pts
    • Republicans will surpass Trump's 2016 performance: 8.2 pts or higher

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