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Interesting 2016 Facts

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For some reason I didn't know these two facts: 

1. Neither Trump nor Clinton received more votes than Obama did in 2008 or 2012, despite the population increase.

Obama got 69.5 million votes in 2008 and 66 million votes in 2012.

Clinton got just short of 66 million in 2016.

Trump got just under 62 million, barely above GW Bush's number of votes in 2004.

Barack Obama is #1 and #2 for most votes ever received in a presidential election. 

2. Voter turnout was just slightly above average in 2016 with about 55% voting. 

One would have though energy to get Trump elected or to defeat Trump would have seen this reach 60%.  The turnout was comparable to 2012. 

The 2008 election, which saw Obama crush McCain, saw the highest turnout since 1968 with over 58%. 

1952-1968, generally saw about 60% turnout. The War lowered it before this period. I bet lowering the voting age decreased it further. 

Prior to women's suffrage, voter turnout was generally 70% or higher. 

82% of voters voted in 1876. 81% in 1860. 

Only 49% of voter voted in 1996. 



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