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instead of censoring foul language, cannot a something be written to replace "bad" words with others?

for example, the chatsite I frequent most defaults:

f*ck = expletive

c*nt = front-bottom

n*gger = nice person


soemthing liek that relieive the burdon of constat PC watchfulness, we'd all know what the word was anyway.....

just a suggestion

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True, not swearing always helps. I don't control the language filters...and I don't see it as a big problem as people don't throw around curses very often around here, from what I've seen.

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Thanks JR, but even if Bono is right, we don't need a snare drum at the end of every one of your posts.

As far as swear words in signatures, I think it is conducive to a more inclusive environment if we keep them out, so please asterisk all the letters after the first one if you decide to include one.

Anthony Burgoyne


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i've always used asterixs when I've typed naughty words, which a lot of ya'll don't

i put the one back in my signature, which I will change soon.

just a thought, gee whiz - and no, no one on this site would use "nice person" but some c&p'ed artcles and what have you might

40percent (the chatsite I was referring to) has other ones as well

Anna Kournikova = blond bint

Tottenham = Tenthenham

Nicolas Anelka = Billy No Mates

it's funny

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