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religious scenario

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hey i think we somebody should make a religious scenario with jesus, muhammed, moses, and buddah going against each other in a world map. the issuse could be things that has effected man since the beginning of time i think it would be fun.

also i know this may offend some people but if it does just don't play. sombody could say that the confederate scenarios are offensive since some people see the confederacy as a sign of slavery

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Although I don't like the idea and probably won't play the game, this is one of the pleasures of being Free and having a Free Will. If you want to create a game as such and then play then that is your right. The same goes with my Confederate 1861 scenario, if you don't like it then don't olay.

Well, yes some could see the CSA as a sign of slavery but that would be pretty crazy since the Southron nation - which allowed slavery - only lasted as a viable nation for 4 years, it has lasted for over 140 years as a govt in exile as there was no treaty of surrender.

One would do better to think of the USA as a sign of slavery since this nation supported endorsed and allowed it for over 100 years (ever farther if you go from 1607 all the way to 1865 with the 13th amendment to the Constitution) and ever permitted the slave trade to 1809 (the CSA didn't even allow that, and it was in our Constitution) so the case for the CSA as a 'sign' of slavery doesn't hold water.

We've already been through this round SSVegeta123243, but still in re, your points are valid here, I just decided to give my "25 cents" to the mixture. The long winded preacher strikes again! :lol:

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