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So unfortunately I've encountered a bug where virtually none of my saves are working. If I try to load them it will either say that "Unable to read from specified game file", or the game will crash to desktop. Now I say virtually none as this seems to only be happening with user scenarios, I have never had this problem with the official scenarios, and it isn't obvious what is causing the problem; this happens even if I've saved at the beginning of the scenario before anything has happened, and if I've merely copied an official scenario and made no changes.

That being said, I do have the game installed in the D:/ drive as that is where most of my computers memory is, so I don't know if this might be a pathing issue.

I've attached a couple of the aforementioned saves below just in case there is something in there. 

autosave.sav Bloomberg Wave.sav

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On 6/16/2019 at 8:53 PM, Dexter294 said:

  I had the same issue with the 2020 campaign under specific circumstances. It only appeared when playing Dan Crenshaw as the Republican candidate. If I make an ad boosting Crenshaw, from that point on, saves cannot be loaded.

I was able to recreate this bug and it is now fixed in the latest internal.

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I have released a new version for Windows, 3.0.8, which fixes the bug duplicated by having Crenshaw make boast ads. This might solve the other problems reported. I recommend downloading the latest version ( https://270soft.com/updates-redownloads/ ). You can attempt to load 3.0.7 save games as well, since the only change the save-load was fixing the load bug. Please let me know if it solves or not the error(s).

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