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Quebec 2007 to be released in the week + first images


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I worked many hours this morning to change the electoral map and put every names and % to 125 seats + create the stuff of leaders I promised but I'm close of having finished Quebec 2007!

I'm really happy with the result because it's already quite close of the real election result while I have still some events + endorsements and tests to do before to release it, but it will be easier compared to what has been done.

Like promised, I've added a long list of different leaders with different political beliefs in each party + I'm regionalizing every parts of Quebec to force the player to a decision

I will also implement an "observator".

Synopsis : After a bumpy mandate, Charest is seeking re-election. In front of him, the opposition seems weak, luckily for him, the PQ being torn by leadership troubles with André Boisclair as leader. However the ADQ rapidly going up in the polls in the last few months with the Dumont as a charismatic leader..
















I've still to implement policy-changes for every leaders, change program and regionalize more the electoral map but I'm already happy regarding the realism of the mod regarding the real life.

I took Khadir and did not play

Note : QS will be modified for a merge of Greends and QS.

Here are real results of 2007.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "élection québec 2007"


IRL map of results :

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "élection québec 2007"


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On 5/15/2019 at 6:46 PM, TheLiberalKitten said:

This looks really great! I look forward to the release :D


To be out in few hours!

Electoral map strongly be changed and all leaders are really modifying the electoral result and influence on regions

First all potential leaders of the Parti Québécois and how they change issues, I will add others screens afters


André Boisclair historical leader


Pauline Marois arrived 2nd, former Minister and (PM in 2012)


Former PM and OL of the Can opp as former Conservative Minister and Ch of the PQ Lucien Bouchard


Former leader and PM Bernard Landry


Actor Pierre Curzi


Journalist Bernard Drainville


Former finance minister Joseph Facal


Louise Harel strong Montreal leader


Gilles Duceppe chief of the Bloc Québécois at federal leve


François Legault former Pequist Minister and Spokesperson of the Official Opposition


Richard Legendre former Sport's minister


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13 minutes ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

This looks really great :D

I'm so excited to see the scenario :D

Good job!

Thaaaannk you !

Just to show how electoral map be modified

Here is a test with Center-Left André Boisclair (I took observator)



Another with the cheated Center-Right Lucien Bouchard


Quebec city flips blue as much as most of the traditional territories Bouchard won in 1998 against Jean Charest (he won 76 constituencies)


Another with actor Pierre Curzi who is left



PQ hols all its seats in Montreal including the really challenged 'Laurier-Dorion" because Curzi is left like Montreal and Laval


And as I told you I have still to show others alternative leaders for PLQ (center-left to right according to alternatives to Charest) and ADQ (Center to Right) according to the leader you chose 😛

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Liberal leaders

Premier Jean Charest 


Monique J-F economic minister


Tom Mulcair former Liberal minister and NDP MP of Outremont for federal


Pierre Paradis former Liberal Minister, left-wing!


Philippe Couillard Healthcare minister


Yvon Picotte former Pdt of ADQ and Bourassa Minister


Yves Séguin former Liberal minister for economy, right-wing economic minister


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ADQ leaders (after Liberals above)

Mario Dumont, historical leader


Sebastien Proulx, n°2 of the ADQ


Gilles Taillon, former leader of the great industries ruling syndicate, economic right wing



Quebec Solidaire and Green alliance

Amir Khadir, spokesperson and main ruler of the party


Françoise David, spokesperson of the party


Scott Mckay, Green leader (future PQ candidate and PQ minister in next elections)



Some try :

Tom Mulcair versus Bernard Landry 

As Landry is centrist and Mulcair a bit to the left of Charest, Laurentides and Lanaudières flip blue



Pierre Paradis (center-left PLQ) versus Dumont (Center-Right) and Curzi (Left)

Montérégie flips red and rural regions yellow



Bouchard (Centrist) versus Séguin (Right) and Dumont (Right)

He takes the whole left thanks to this and Solidaire do their best score


Boisclair (Center-Left) versus Monique (Center Right) and Dumon (Center-Right).

PQ makes gains in Montréal on Liberals because Montréal is left despite winning 10 seats nationnaly.


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I pay tribute to malvail and his old scenarios for Forever which helped us a lot


After a bumpy mandate, Charest is seeking re-election. In front of him, the opposition seems weak, luckily for him, the PQ being torn by leadership troubles with André Boisclair as leader. However the ADQ rapidly going up in the polls in the last few months with the Dumont as a charismatic leader..

Could Premier Charest be re-elected? With a majority or minority? Will André Boisclair, first openly homosexual ruler of a great party in North America wins the election? Or will Mario Dumont, leader of the 3rd party, pursue his trend and become Leader of the Official Opposition, or maybe, Premier himself?

And what about Quebec Solidaire? Could this new force matters and bring any MP to the national assembly? By taking the Pequist stronghold of Mercier or Gouin in Montreal? To be continued...

MOD HERE : Quebec - 2007

(Take the mod in the zip and put it either in your user_scenario for Canada Infinity or British Infinity either in your scenarios in your Canada or British scenario file)


The electoral map of Quebec is adapted to the leader you choose. Montréal and Laval will favorize a left-wing leader, Capitale-Nationale and Chaudières-Appalache will favorize a Center-Right leader.

(next and details here http://campaigns.270soft.com/2019/05/20/quebec-2007-le-choc-des-chefs/)

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6 minutes ago, victorraiders said:

ADQ are similiar or same party of CAQ?? françois legault changed platform from 2007 to last elections? etc, i don't know much about theses local canadian elections 



I believe - I could be wrong, but I believe - the ADQ merged with another right-wing, soft-nationalist party sometime between the 2007 and 2018 elections to form the CAQ.

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1 hour ago, Patine said:

I believe - I could be wrong, but I believe - the ADQ merged with another right-wing, soft-nationalist party sometime between the 2007 and 2018 elections to form the CAQ.


1 hour ago, victorraiders said:

ADQ are similiar or same party of CAQ?? françois legault changed platform from 2007 to last elections? etc, i don't know much about theses local canadian elections 



ADQ has been founded in 1993-1994 by Mario Dumont, President of the Youth Caucus of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ)

The PLQ is left on identity (pro-migrants) and center to center right on economy. 

In 1992 when constitutionnal reform of Mulroney failed in Canada, 62% of Quebecers became independentists.

That included Youth wing of the Liberal party and their president in 1992 : Mario Dumont.

Mario left liberals when Bourassa (Liberal PM) refused a referendum on sovereignty

Then ADQ became the right wing francophone version of the Liberals (ADQ was a right-wing party on economy and immigration) (PQ always been centrist and center left party but shared close views with ADQ on identity)

From 1994 to 2003 Mario Dumont and his new ADQ only got a seat (4 in 2003)

In 2007 Mario Dumont finished 2nd, taking 40 seats, becoming leader of the opposition :)

Because André Boisclair, PQ leader was quite an open guy with identity, quite left. That's why PQ lost a lot of regional seats in 2007.

Then the Parti Québécois shifted Boisclair and put Marois in charge in 2007 after some doubts from Duceppe to run for PQ's leadership.

Pauline Marois took right-wing stances on identity and crushed ADQ on the floor by taking back "right-wing identity" francophone voters

Result, in december 2008 (probably my next scenario) Parti Québécois and PLQ shared 117 seats on 125 together, with just 7 ADQ (-34) and 1 QS (Amir Khadir elected in Mercier)

QS won their first seat in Montreal when PQ shifted righton identity under Pauline Marois.

After 2009 ADQ became a third party, Dumont left politic after such a crushing defeat.


Now : what about François Legault?

François Legault is a successfull businessman. In 1980 when Quebec air financially disappeared he, with some staffs of the company launched a new francophone company. "Air transat" to keep french in North America air's companies.

Air Transat has become today one of the biggest company in North America and probably the biggest in Canada, leading over "Air Canada" in many markets

So, by 1997, when Lucien Bouchard the center-right leader of Parti Québécois (party in power from 1995 to 2003), he saw this guy and said "this is the kind of guy we need!"

Hence, from 1997 to 2003, Legault been minister of the Parti Québécois, because François Legault has been a convinced sovereignist and independentist who WROTE the "budget of an independent quebec"

After 2003 legault served Bernard Landry (one of the last PM of the PQ from 2001 to 2003) then in the opposition.

In 2005 with Pauline Marois both pushed Landry to resign. He hesitated to run then renounced.

In 2009 when PQ came back as official opposition with 51 seats out of 125, François Legault said during a convention "Parti Québécois has to let down sovereignty NOW, we have to let this topic for another day, another term, let's come back on the idea of a good government".

2009 been a turning point of Parti Québécois' history. ADQ was downed to death. But Pauline Marois could not left behind sovereignty. Make Quebec an independent country is the FIRST article of PQ's charta.

So Legault LEFT the Parti Québécois in 2009.

During 2 years, he started to meet people and prepare his next party.

In april 2011 he launched his party, "Coalition Avenir Québec" and he merged his party with the rests of the ADQ.

As the ADQ was still a right-wing francophone party, he shifted his positions from a cool "centrism to center-left" under Parti Québécois to a real right-wing economic positions.


François Legault in 2012 was saying things like

-Rise tuitons fees of students of 156%

-Strongly reform Healthcare of Quebec

-Fight against bureaucracy

-Reduce unions' influence


For 2014 Legault stayed quite the same with a strong message about economy.




In 2017 Legault realized he could win for the first time after a by election in Louis-Hébert.

Philippe Couillard PLQ PM from 2014 to 2018 made cuts in spendings which affected Liberal's bases.

But for this, Legault needed to take votes from Parti Québécois and Liberal

So, Legault came back to the center.

-Pauline Marois' "freeze" of tuitions fees is fine.

-We won't raise tuitons fees anymore.

-We will spend in children's services.

-Small investments in public services.


That's why when you play Legault as PQ candidate in 2007, Legault as CAQ leader in 2012 and 2014 mod and Legault in 2018. Platform changes.

2007 Legault : Center Left.

2012 and 2014 Legault : Center-Right to Right.

2018 Legault : Centrist to death.


Fun fact : Sebastien Proulx, n°2 of ADQ in 2007 came back into politic with Liberals in 2015 and became Minister for Education. You can see him in Jean-Talon in 2018 mod as liberal.

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