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Things to improve with new IRV feature

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Just now, admin_270 said:

I think I see what you're saying here. Basically, are you saying you want to take the 2C results and put that in, so you can get the right sort of flow for a given constituency?

Exactly, It will really help for scenario creation and would make it easier to manipulate the 2C flow.

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Yes, I was considering this when putting in %s recently from the 2019 results. It's a bit tricky because it's under-determined - it's not specifying how exactly those 2C %s were generated, but something like this would be nice. We'll see.

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17 hours ago, admin_270 said:

@RI Democrat

They drop out of the voting. This isn't accurate for Australia, which requires all candidates be ranked by a voter and so voter flow persists at every round of counting.

This will probably be changed in the future.

Thanks. Drop out as in they get counted as non-voters? 

I'm trying to figure out how to do preference flows for this, where there would logically be heavy transfer of preferences between ideologically similar groups like the SI-Left, Progressive Alliance, and Global Greens and also between Centrist Democrat International and International Democrat Union. And the supporters of those parties would also likely opt for the Liberal International or United League over any of the authoritarian groups. But since the election is based around the local affiliates, hardly any seats will have candidates from every single party. 

So, if for example, the breakdown in a seat is something like this:

Scary Authoritarians - 35%
United League - 30%
SI-Left - 25%
Global Greens - 10%

In this case, almost all the SI-Left and Global Greens vote should go to the United League after they are both eliminated. However, I had planned on giving a significant share of their preferences to the Progressive Alliance as well, with probably something like 15% United League and 0% or 1% for the scary authoritarians, given that the PA are a little closer to them ideologically and probably on more ballots than United League.

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@RI Democrat

Yes, they are not counted in subsequent rounds.

The instant-runoff voter flow is a first implementation, designed first and foremost for Australia. It probably will be improved with subsequent updates.

Probably, the algorithm for allocating votes if a party isn't present will be implemented such that the voters switch based on platform similarity and other factors.

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On 6/9/2019 at 5:30 AM, lok1999 said:

Are you able to make it so that you can add separate preference flows from seat to seat, not just nationally?

This is something I've considered. It should be fairly straightforward to add - it might happen.

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