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15 hours ago, HonestAbe said:

What kinda person are you. 


Don’t be “that guy” and say neither. 

I think the reason that I tend to be "that guy" is because I view music in terms of just groups/artists as blocs of preference, but take things in terms of individual songs. Similar to my view of political ideologies - I view individual ideas, concepts, and applications of governance - and, in fact, applying them differently in different contexts and for different problems, not as blanket, down the line absolutes, so I can't just tow a tight ideological line. Though, my sense of justice, as a pure ideal concept, is a consistent theme, which is so often violated by modern politics as a whole (and I my anger at how many people enjoy, or at least passively accept, being governed by, and actually praising and lauding criminals of the worst sort, and that most political parties and movements who actually have power in the world are full of criminals who get away with horrid crimes comparable, in many cases, to those tried at Nuremberg). Also, binary thinking is a highly destructive and ruinous way of viewing the world, and people today would be well served by leaving behind that barbarous way of thinking and moving on and evolving to more adaptive, multi-faceted, and productive ways of considering things.

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