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its the soviet invasion scenario..look near the bottem of the scenario link page

"Soviet Invasion" - 1964


Author: William Conlin

Description: "During a missile crisis in 1962 between the U.S. and Russia, the Soviet Army managed a surprise invasion of Alaska, California and Washington. The U.S. was taken by surprise and neither nations launched nukes. The Soviets were held at bay in January of 1964 and in a way it turned America into the next Korea with a Demilitarized Zone that was established in the Mid-West."

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This is from Ultimate 2008.


I'm playing as Obama (obviously). Given the competition, it was less difficult than normal, and I was in a more than commanding lead wire to wire. At the outset, DeLay had most of the south, but the only states that ended up really close by October were Alaska and Idaho, and DeLay was actually leading in each state by about 5-6 points in the last poll before the election. But I made several visits to AK and ID, and pumped all my ads continuously into those two states about 3 days before the election and ended up winning both.

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dynamism on or off?

was easy competion and no indepenednts...but still good job! :P

Dynamism (which I almost never play with) was off, believe it or not. I tried several different combos in that scenario to get a shutout, but the best I could do previously was Hillary v. Frist, which ended up being something like 514-24 EV and 60%-39% PV. Obama v. DeLay exceeded ALL my expectations.

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I just won a shutout as Mayor Reid in Halliston... I had a scandal on Larkin pull in at the last possible second, and ended up winning Albion by just 400 ballots. Southold was much easier, oddly enough.

(I'll have to look at that, both Albion and Southold should be impossible to take from their original parties.)

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