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Middle East Scenario

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as i stated earlier i'm working on a middle east scenario. this would probably be pretty hard for even the most experienced scenario creator and for a novice like me this is a dare I say Herculean task. I'm asking for any suggestions on issues and candidates also if anybody has a ready made middle east map that would also be helpful.

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The parties should be something like:

Monarchists (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc...)

Pan-Arab nationalists



If you include Israel it'll screw up the factions though, the Arab world and Israel are two different worlds.

Some issues could be:


United States

Sharia (Islamic law, with the Left position "Separate Church and State, diminish religious influence" (Hussein's position), and Right position "Sharia is the only legitimate law")

Pan-Arab Republic (whether the Arab world should remain divided or unite in one country)




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Reforming the Ottoman Empire is out of question for Arabs. The Ottoman Empire was the Turks who had claimed Arab lands, and the Arabs fought against them in World War I to be able to become independent from it (see Lawrence of Arabia). Then they got screwed over by Western powers who split up their lands to exploit their resources, but that's another story.

Though Arab unity should be an issue, one of the most important political movement seems in the Middle-East to have been pan-Arab nationalism that sought to bring together the different Arabic countries.

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