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I'm working on a trilogy of World Government games, a Presidential version, a Senate and HoR version. The Presidential game is moving along well, and hopefully will be ready before January 19, which is the start date in the game. I will definitely have the first two games ready before mid-March, which is election day in the game. The third one will have to wait for the option of more than 500 seats with PM4E UK.

I've also almost finished, but it's sort of on the backburner, a NSW 2003 scenario, and I'm looking to work on historical Australian scenarios for the historic 1972 and 1996 elections.

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Pennsylvania 2006: Rendell vs. Swann

Washington 2004: Gregoire vs. Rossi (I haven't started this one yet)

Socialist Rebirth: Part I 2008 (This is going to be a long series)

Socialist Rebirth: Part II Iowa Caucas 2008

Socialist Rebirth: Part III Rhode Island 2006

I'm going to redo DC 2006.

1824: Action Jackson

Government America Democratic Iowa Caucas 2005

Government America Republican Iowa Caucas 2005

Anchorman: You Stay Classy, San Diego (In this scenario, you report the news for a month as characters from the movie in San Diego)

Pittsburgh Mayoral 2005

Hawaii 2006

New Hampshire 2006

Iowa 2006

Pennsylvania 2006: Santorum vs. Hafer

Minnesota 1998

Minnesota Senate 2006: Al Franken for Senate!

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