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Hello all!

Long time player of President Forever/President Infinity, first time poster.  

I have read these forums numerous times, but never joined them until today.  The reason I decided to join is to see if there would be any interest in a project I am working on.  For the past 11 years, I have ran a fictional country called the Republic of Albia.  It was originally all on paper, but then I discovered President Forever 2008 + Primaries.  It revolutionized and streamlined my hobby.  Since then, I have converted almost everything to computer, using Microsoft Word, Excel and President Infinity and Congress Infinity.  I have ran Presidential, Senatorial, Congressional and Gubernatorial elections every year since 2008.  I even wrote a fictional history and everything to try to create as realistic a simulation as possible.  The 2018 Elections were the first general elections ran completely on Congress Infinity (I used a process using Excel to conduct the primaries.)  


There is so much more I can say about all of this, but I wanted to post here to see if anyone had any interest in the scenarios that I have made/will make.  Or just any other information on my hobby.  If so, I would like to share them with this community.  So glad there are other political junkies out there that have such a deep love and interest of politics like I do.  

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!



Republic of Albia Flag.jpg

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This does sound somewhat interesting. Could you give some more specifics on Albia's politics, like what the parties are, their ideologies, and how strong they are? 

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On 3/17/2019 at 3:23 PM, WVProgressive said:

This does sound somewhat interesting. Could you give some more specifics on Albia's politics, like what the parties are, their ideologies, and how strong they are? 

There are 5 political parties in the ROA, as recognized by the federal government.  Citizens may register as a member of any of these 5 parties, as well as "Non-Affiliated."

The 5 parties are:

  • Hawk Party of Albia (HPA)
    • The current "big-tent" party.  The HPA has a plurality of registered voters.  It can be divided into four main factions:  Libertarian and libertarian leaning, Northern Conservatives, Southern Conservatives and Moderates.  Northern Conservatives tend to focus on conservative economic policy, while Southern Conservatives tend to focus on social conservative policy.  N. Cons are moderatly conservative on foreign policy while SoCons are very conservative on foreign policy.  The Hawk Party has held the Presidency for the past 12 years, winning four consecutive elections.  They have held the Senate since 2009, and the Assembly of the People from 2011-2019.
  • Dove Party of Albia (DPA)
    • The Dove Party of Albia is made up of mostly moderate and progressive voters.  There are smaller factions of socialists and left-leaning libertarians, and even some conservative voters.  The party is more divided along ideological lines than regional lines.  It is the second largest party in the Republic.  With four consecutive national elections losses, it is a party looking for its identity.  They captured the Assembly in 2018 for the first time since 2009.  
  • Albian Independent Party (AIP)
    • The AIP is the largest third party in the Republic and was formed in 2000.  It has an almost uniformly moderate platform, and it often runs candidates in almost every state. In 2016, the AIP nominated former Hawk Governor turned AIP Senator Alex Hardy of Tolova and had their most successful candidate ever.  Hardy won 557,759 votes, or 5.9%, of the national popular vote, the most successful run by a third party candidate post-Military Party era (Hardy did not win any electoral votes though.)  Hardy lost re-election to the Senate in 2018, and the once bright future of the party is now very much in doubt.  The AIP has ballot access in most states.
  • Albian Libertarian Party (ALP)
    • The ALP is the third oldest party in the ROA, formed in 1971 in response to potential military intervention in the Vorga region.  The ALP professes a strict libertarian philosophy, advocating for peace, small government and liberal social positions.  The party's stance in favor of abortion rights has long plagued the party from gaining traction with the mainstream (the ROA is one of the more religious countries in the world.)  The party has had minimal success at the national level, despite the libertarian swing of the past decade.  It has had the most success in the rural and isolated state of New Pur in the state's territorial days.  However, since statehood, the party has not won a state or federal election.  It has some ballot access, but still has a long way to go.
  • Tree Party of Albia (TPA)
    • The TPA was formed in 2009 in response to the growing threat of global warming.  The party platform calls for "a radical plan to greatly alter the trajectory of the Albian social and economic track to a more ecologically-friendly destination."  While starting out as a single-issue party, it has now branched out into other issues.  The TPA platform now calls for the legalization of marijuana and strong restrictions on gun rights.  Despite its short history, the TPA has had a moderate amount of impact at the Presidential level as a third party.  In 2012 and 2016, the party nominated former Dove Congresswoman Cynthia Carlson as the party nominee.  While not gaining much national success, Carlson captured 15% of the vote in her home state.  This was enough to swing the state to then-Governor and Hawk Party nominee Timothy Hissenger.  Hissenger, thus, winning the 2012 election.  The TPA is currently the smallest party in the ROA and it has the least amount of ballot access nationwide.



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This sounds great! I’ve been slowly chipping away at my own fictional scenario for the past two or three years but it sounds like you’ve got yours much more detailed than mine. I’d love to play these!

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Update: I’m currently finishing up the State Elections for 2019 on Congress Infinity. They are nearly complete and I plan to release it soon! The other scenarios are older and need some updating. Not sure if I will have time to update them, as I am working on the 2020 elections right now! (Which will be very exciting and very fun!)


2020 will include:

-Presidential Election: President Timothy Hissenger (H) is not eligible for a 2nd term due to term limits. Doves are hoping to win the Presidency for the first time since 2006. This scenario will be released first.

-Senate: With a 43-37 advantage in the Senate, 14 Doves and 13 Hawks will be up for re-election in 2020. Doves hope to win a majority for the first time since 2009.

-The Assembly: Doves currently hold a big majority after the 2018 elections, but redistricting will shake things up. The battle for The Assembly will be hotly contested in 2020.

-State Elections: Statewide offices in several states will be contested in 2020. Notable Governors races are in Desierto and Butler.

Keep an eye out for the 2019 elections to be released soon!


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The 2019 state elections have now been posted! And I have also posted the FULL 2016 elections as well. I would love any feedback and I really hope you all enjoy. I expect the 2020 Presidential Election scenario to be released in the next few months! 😄

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Welcome, Cazador!  I'm also another who plays and edits these games a lot more than I post here.

I've actually played through all of your scenarios already, and I found them to all be great fun and quite enjoyable.  As I am left-of-center and from the US, I naturally gravitated towards the Dove party in each scenario.

The only critique I can think of is the campaign money.  I started out with so much cash, and ads were relatively cheap, so I started having to run tons of ads just to burn through it in time for Election Day.  Having such a war chest enabled my Dove campaign to win by landslides.

Below are my best results, on Medium, starting in the general election (July 31 for the Congress Infinity scenarios).

2019 Governors races - I was 45 votes away from winning that Attorney General's race:


My best result for President, 2016.  I started from the general election, and won everything as Lagley.


My best House result, 2016.  As I don't live in a parliamentary democracy, we generally don't use the word "rump" here in the US when talking about lawmakers, but I imagine if we did, it would resemble something like this:


I noticed in your scenario, you listed J.D. Glass as the head of the Hawk campaign committee.  So I targeted his seat and won it.  I'd be curious who the Speaker of the Assembly would be in Albia, if there is one, so I can target their seat and hopefully poach it too.  It's something I like to try whenever possible.


These next 2 are a little more reasonable, since I still had around $20 million on Election Night.  I expect I'll play through them again, this time burning through all my cash, and they'll look closer to the above pictures.

My best 2016 Senate:


My best 2016 Governors - less than 3,000 votes from a shutout:


Overall these are great scenarios and I had a lot of fun with them.  The only tweak I would suggest is with the money, since the sheer amount of cash I had made these scenarios a little too easy.

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On a different - slightly worse - playthrough in the 2016 House race, I managed to get the closest result I've ever seen while playing one of these games:


I wonder how such a situation would be dealt with in the Republic of Albia.  I'm envisioning scenarios like the 2008 Franken/Coleman MN Senate race, or the 1974 Durkin/Wyman NH Senate race (also a 2-vote margin) where the courtroom drama, recounts and appeals drag on for months.

On Edit: The 45-vote Attorney General's race I failed to post earlier:


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All your feedback is noted. Thank you for that! I’ll adjust the money issue and make sure to note who is the Speaker, Senate Majority Leader, etc. (In 2016, the Speaker of the Assembly is Matt Hayden. He represents Burin-1.) 


Any recommendations for starting cash or how to adjust that? I’m never sure exactly how much to put or what to set the money coefficient at. I just know which party I want to start out with more money.

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39 minutes ago, Cazador12 said:

Any recommendations for starting cash or how to adjust that? I’m never sure exactly how much to put or what to set the money coefficient at. I just know which party I want to start out with more money.

Personally, I'm not even sure how the fundraising coefficient works, but I do a ton of trial and error with money, ad costs, fundraising coefficient, and ad power to try to balance things out as much as possible.

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Just uploaded some updated scenarios.  I think I incorporated everything that was suggested.  Let me know how this version works for you.  I hope to release the 2017 State Elections and the 2018 Senate, Assembly and State Elections sometime soon.  I just need to update the maps, flags and party images for those and then it will be ready to play.  I am working hard on the 2020 Presidential Election which would be the next after that (although, I could release it first before the 2017 and 2018 scenarios.)

Also, I was wondering if there would be any interest in any state level scenarios?  I am creating a database of maps that could be used in CI and PI, and I thought about making a few scenarios and posting on here.  Governor, Senator, Ballot Measure, etc.  I thought those would be fun too.  I have spreadsheets listing the population and voter registration statistics for each county for each state.  I am currently working on calculating the PVI for each county and Assembly District.  These things are being done to help me design and create better scenarios.

I am so glad others are enjoying my work! 😄

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