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I think that debates should have more of an impact in the game, and not only for the victor. Many voters finalize their vote in the debate, and a poor performance in a debate can only confirm the marginalization of a party that took part in it. For example, in the 2003 Québec elections, the debate gave the last boost to Jean Charest to get a majority government thanks to his performance (though personally I felt he was ridiculous), but also helped to confirm the downward trend of the ADQ, since its leader had, to be honest, a really, really bad performance. And hence, the one who was so visible in the start of the campaign became almost invisible.

I think there should be some other effects than a power 3 (or 4) news, perhaps every participant getting a news about their performance, if they really were unlucky or didn't prepare, they could even get a "*name*'s performance disappointing" negative news, while even if one didn't win, if he had a good score, he should get some kind of news like "*name* delivers a solid performance". If they didn't win and had an average performance, they receive nothing, and people outside the debate also have nothing.

What do you think?

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debates should be more interactive as well.

here's an idea as to how.

To each debate question you'd get to choose between one of three responces. In picking them, you'd better know

A - your party's position. you dont want to say "we dont think senate reform is a good idea" when your the tories

B - the nation's position. saying "we think that all immigrants should be kicked out of canada" wont gain you many votes

and even

C - the importance of the issue.

I'm proposing a 2004 style debate. 4 issues. for each issue, the moderator will ask you a question. For each issue, each member of the other party will ask one question as well. Lets say your the tory player. The NDP might direct it's question to the Liberals - you may never have to answer a partys question. You also get to ask a question to a party - that one is as simple as chosing which party to direct your question to. You dont have to listen to the other parties answers etc, only the ones involving you. Your debate score will depend on your preformance. The score of the other leaders will be taken mostly from a curve based on your score, but if you do extremly well, you can break the curve. The results of the debate should get a number of stories. The winner should get one, at a profile of 2 lets say. If somoene places a close second, they could get a 1 profile story. If someone is far behind, say a big loser, they could get a negative story.

It'd involve some serious changes to the code, and alot of work, but it seems as though alot of people want it. IMHO its not worth it, but then again its not my game :P

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