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PM Forever - Australia v. 1.00.5


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Here is a link to the PM Forever - Australia v. 1.00.5 patch file:


Please note: this will patch your existing version. It is not a standalone install.

If you have made any changes to the default scenario files, this patch will overwrite those changes. It is recommended that you backup your Prime Minister Forever - Australia folder before installing this patch.

You will know that you have installed the patch if it says 'v. 1.00.5' on the start screen.

What the v. 1.00.5 patch does:

- fixed problem with news stories raising issue profiles too quickly

- fixed problem with regional negative percentages

1.00.5 also includes the changes in v. 1.00.4 and 1.00.3:


- fixed problem with riding (Can.) / electorate (Aus.) negative percentages

- fixed problem with computer players picking the wrong competitors

- background graphics now change depending on the scenario


- can now play with less than 4 parties

- function computer players use for deciding whom to attack changed (fixes problem with coalition members attacking each other)

- scenarios added automatically (just insert a scenario folder in the scenarios folder, no need to edit the scenarios.txt file)

- Australia 2004 scenario: added Simon Crean, various riding data changed

- Canada 2004 scenario: party relations values changed

- other minor changes


Anthony Burgoyne


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