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Halliston Municipal:

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That's right! The scenario that nobody played on PM4E can now be downloaded and played with P4E!

For those of you not familiar with Halliston, there's a briefing avaliable over at http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1136

There are a few changes in this version, though...

- Southold and Albion have both been polarized to be more difficult to take from the Social Democrats and the Conservatives, respectively.

- The Social Democrat platform has been polarized a bit, too.

- EVs are assigned as follows:

Elmira (Weak Conservative), Tremont (Conservative), Albion (Solid Conservative) and Minor Islands (Weak People's Party): 2 EV

Somers (Centrist), Palatine (Weak Conservative), and Colton (Weak Centrist): 4 EV

Southold (Solid Social Democrat), Lorraine (Weak People's Party), Piecefield (Weak Centrist): 5 EV

Pharsalia (Solid People's Party), St. Alexis (Mixed in the purest sense): 6 EV

Halliston Centre (Toss-up between Social Democrats and People's Party): 8 EV

Download link (for now) is: http://www.tcwonline.org/~cartel/HallistonP4E.zip


(Yes, I'm aware this scenario is slightly skewed towards the People's Party and Social Democrats. It's no big secret that municipal politics are dominated by lefties, though, and I've managed to win this scenario (and it was a lot more difficult than the PM4E version) with all of the parties, so it's not too bad.)

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I played the original PM4E version and I enjoyed it a lot. I also noticed in the PM4E version in the Riding of South Tremont you used the names of character from PolCan. B)

I'm about to play the new version. ;)

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That's somewhat intentional, though... It's common knowledge that it's much easier to win municipally if you're a lefty than a righty. Still.

What areas give you the most trouble as Larkin? (As in, which areas do you have a reasonable shot at winning, but never seem able to) I might try shifting support around a bit. I've noticed the Centrists are almost godly in this scenario, too, and it's almost impossible to win as Lewis.

It's difficult to lose as Reid.

Vermeulen's easy if you know the scenario.

Larkin's a bit more difficult than Vermeulen, but not impossible.

Lewis is impossible.

(And are you turning Regionalism on? Should make it easier for Vermeulen and Larkin)

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