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2020 Paris Mayoral Race


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30 minutes ago, PoliticalStudent said:

I present you the 2020 Paris Mayoral Race. With the principal parties participating, the LREM (La Republique en Marche), Les Republicains, Parti Socialiste, La France Insoumise, Les Verts, and Rassemblement National.



DOWNLOAD HERE ---->>>>> Paris.zip

Will you also do a Council of Paris legislative election?

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6 hours ago, Presidentinsertname said:

i dont think marcon party will win anything in france in 2020.

I agree with you it doesn't look good for Macron and his party right now, however a lot can change in 2 years.

History is full of candidates who appeared doomed in an upcoming election but still pulled out a win in the end.  Right after the 1994 Republican Revolution, Bill Clinton was largely written off as a one-term president - I believe the Wall Street Journal predicted he'd lose 1996 to any Republican who didn't "drool on stage".  Even Abraham Lincoln appeared likely to lose re-election as late as August 1864, until the Union started to emerge as the clear winners in the Civil War.  Lincoln was so convinced of his own upcoming defeat he made diary entries about it.

And of course, there's Harry Truman, whom just about everyone expected to lose 1948, right up until Election Night - because the polls taken at the time missed people who didn't have phones - typically poorer Americans more inclined to vote Democratic.  The famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" Chicago Tribune error was based on this incorrect assumption.

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