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Israel's Government has collapsed, early elections imminent

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47 minutes ago, NYrepublican said:

He said he'd ween Israel off US aid in the 90's but never got around to it *sigh*

Because having the Middle East's biggest military machine BY FAR, and a tactical nuclear arsenal, unlike any of it's neighbours, already couldn't possibly allow a cold turkey cut from such aid as is. NOOOOO!

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27 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

Ugh! There will be no "peace in our time," not even regionally in the Levant. Even ol' Neville would be naïve to think there would be there. And with both sides to blame, but each saying the other is ENTIRELY to blame, while rushing to the bathroom to wash the unsightly blood of innocents off their hands, how can anything be resolved as is...

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