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Seven Days in May

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been brooding on how to do this and think I've got it

btw, Seven Days in May was directed by Frankenheimer, stars Burt Lancaster as General Scott, CJS, Kirk Doulas as his agitant, and Fredric March as President Jordan Lyman. Lyman has signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with the soviets, dividing the country and angering the military - Scott attempts a coup

first off, you must have successfully sabataged John Islen's prez bid in The Manchurian Candidate scenerio playing General Scott (no fair skipping part one, yes!)


we assume the coup has been successful and Scott has declared himself President, however his support was not as great as he assumed and the Senate is cautious in backing him - in an unprecdented move, the Senate has decided to vote on the legitimacy of Scott's power grab, similar to an impeachment hearing


each state will have 2 electors, ie senators, and I think I'll give you the whole month of May 1958 to play it out

issues will be such like "the coup" "the treaty" "martial law" etc....

sound good?

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